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Women’s Health Week: Getting a good night’s sleep

Ah, some rest for the weary. Dinner is done, kids are sound asleep, so now it's your turn… right?

The average needs about seven to eight hours of sleep per night, but who has the time for that? Sleeping seems to be a luxury, especially for moms.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, women are more likely to report sleep problems than men. It could be something as simple as having your dog on the bed, or checking that last Facebook comment before turning out the light.

Getting enough Zzz's isn't always a choice. Hormones play a big role in getting a good night's sleep. Altitude, thyroid problems, or sleep apnea can also have an impact..

"If you're not breathing well at night, that could affect your sleep quality as well," said Dr. Jeffrey Sippel, a pulmonologist and sleep medicine expert at the University of Colorado Hospital.

"Sleep apnea, those people might fall asleep while driving," Sippel added. "Obstructive sleep apnea can affect women just as much as men."

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