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Why one woman broke out in hives when co-workers cranked up the AC

​It all started when the woman's co-workers ramped up the air conditioning. For some reason, she broke out in hives. Concerned, the woman visited the doctor and got startling news: She was allergic to the cold.
The condition, known as cold urticaria, is rare, but it jibed with past her experiences, the woman's doctors wrote in a new Australian case report, published online April 3 in the journal Climacteric. The 40-year-old woman said that she also got hives on windy days, while walking outside on cold mornings, and after swimming in the ocean.
The latest episode was brought on because her co-workers, who were experiencing menopausal hot flashes, had cranked up the AC in the office, her doctors found. [7 Strange Signs You're Having an Allergic Reaction]