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Wedding vows give patient a final victory

Palliative care paves the way for hospital nuptials

Tyler Smith - UCHealth
September 24, 2015

Teresa Kwapniewski and Tommy Clark hold hands before taking their wedding vows. (Photo: Kelly Pacic)
In the softly lit chapel, the bride-to-be waited patiently. It was a moment that might have been dipped in amber and preserved forever. The man she loved stood by her side. Flowers graced the room. Many of the seats in the small space were filled by well-wishers looking on expectantly. It was a portrait whose perfect stillness was punctuated only by the occasional flash from a camera, a few whispered words and, finally, the arrival of the minister.
With that, bride and groom moved to the altar to take their vows. The minister gently recited the words of a singer and poet: “Come the twilight should we lose our way/If as we’re walking, a hand should slip free/I’ll wait for you/And should I fall behind/Wait for me.”
The minister pronounced them man and wife and they kissed. When the minister asked if either had anything to say, the bride broke the somber spell with her whispered words: “Hot diggity dog,” she said, sparking laughter.
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