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UCHealth oncologist is up for a challenge (again)

New UCHealth oncologist Mark Hancock, MD, has never met a challenge that he didn’t embrace with gusto. From volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in Malawi, Africa before starting his fellowship to moving his wife and four daughters to a suburb outside of Paris, France to work on a logistics business venture with his father-in-law after more than a decade practicing medicine, it seems Hancock always opts for the road less traveled.

But it’s more than simply meeting a challenge that motivates Hancock. He likes to be where the action is. That’s why he first chose to go into oncology.

“When I got into the later phases of my internal medicine training, I was doing research with one of the attendings and it became clear that a lot of things were about to change in the treatment of oncology and it looked really cool. I wanted to be a part of that,” recalled Hancock.

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