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TV-6 Investigates: Lead in venison; Iowa health officials actions

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - You wouldn't knowingly eat contaminated food, or serve it to your family. Wild deer meat is a popular option for hunters and local food pantries, but research has raised questions about lead in that meat.
TV-6 Investigates X-rayed 14 samples of deer meat from local pantries and hunters. Four X-rays came back with glowing white fragments, which is consistent with metal. We sent the samples to another lab to test for lead. The worst sample tested positive at a level 194 times higher than the limit set by the European Food Safety Agency for lead in meat.
Back in 2008 Iowa tested ten samples of deer meat. Two showed trace amounts of lead. Records TV-6 Investigates uncovered show the state decided against further tests, saying if lead in deer meat was a problem, it would show up in state required kindergarten blood tests. But records also show the state wasn't even looking for this source of lead.