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Study: Apple Watch may help doctors spot heart condition

DENVER -- A new study out of the University of California in San Francisco found the Apple Watch may be able to detect a heart condition that causes over 100,000 strokes every year.

Cardiogram, a heart-health app, and researchers from UCSF Cardiology Health teamed up to create the mRhythm study. It was focused on how effective the watch could be at tracking the most clinically common heart abnormality, atrial fibrillation (Afib).

If you’re like one out of every five Americans, you wear a Fit Bit or an Apple Watch. You can already track your heart rate, but now the technology might go one step further: preventing strokes and possibly saving lives.

The heart beats more than 100,000 times a day, adjusting to exercise, eating and sleeping. But for 3 million Americans, like 69-year-old Rick Barnes, there’s a problem.