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Presidential HIV/AIDS Advisor From Denver Resigns Position

Lucy Bradley-Springer was named to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS during the final two years of the Obama administration. When Donald Trump was elected in November, the associate professor of infectious diseases at the University of Colorado Denver said she thought she would just "fade away." But Bradley-Springer was asked to stay on, and she agreed to, despite what she called internal reservations.
That came to an end last week, when Bradley-Springer and five other members of the council resigned, saying the group lacked a strategy to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Bradley-Springer said she is also concerned about the healthcare plan that recently passed the House of Representatives and is currently being amended in the Senate by a group of Republicans that includes Colorado's Cory Gardner. Bradley-Springer said she and the other resigning members feel the bill, as currently constructed, would deny healthcare access to HIV/AIDS patients in need of services.