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Leaving hospital? Heed care tips or you may return

​WASHINGTON (AP) — Michael Lee knew he was still in bad shape when he left the hospital five days after emergency heart surgery. But he was so eager to escape the constant prodding and his roommate’s loud TV that he tuned out the nurses’ care instructions.
“I was really tired of Jerry Springer,” the New York man says, ruefully. “I was so anxious to get out that it sort of overrode everything else that was going on around me.”
He’s far from alone: Missing out on critical information about what to do at home to get better is one of the main risks for preventable re-hospitalizations.
“There couldn’t be a worse time, a less receptive time, to offer people information than the 11 minutes before they leave the building,” said readmissions expert Dr. Eric Coleman of the University of Colorado in Denver.