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How a Wild New Year's Eve Affects Your Body, Plus How to Bounce Back Afterward

​Most people think that if you overate and over-drank on New Year’s Eve, you did the night right. And to some extent, that’s fair. NYE is all about celebrating, and you’re entitled to enjoy yourself. But what kind of damage are you doing when you order that late-night takeout or polish off your fifth flute of champagne?

Good news: “One big meal isn’t what causes people to be overweight,” says Holly Wyatt, MD, who runs the metabolism and obesity clinic at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. That said, eating and drinking more than you’re used to can throw your body off. There's a ripple effect...but they shouldn’t last through the rest of 2018. Here, experts explain what an indulgent New Year's will and won’t do to your body.

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