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Early screening saves woman with lung cancer

​AURORA - An Aurora woman who lost her brother to lung cancer was saved from the same disease thanks to an early screening.

Donna Vogelsong, 63, had no idea there were potentially cancerous spots in her lungs but after speaking with a doctor, she decided to get the screening.

The results were frightening, according to Vogelsong. Doctors found spots on both lungs and diagnosed her with lung cancer.
"I just kind of stopped breathing," Vogelsong said. "I had no idea that anything was wrong with my lungs. The early screening saved my life."
In 2014, University of Colorado Hospital started a Lung Cancer Screening Clinic with the hopes that the low dose scans would help detect lung cancer early.
"The problem with traditional lung cancer is that they're diagnosed at a late stage because most people don't have symptoms until it’s very advanced," said Derek Linderman, MD, co-director of the Nodule Clinic at UCH.