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Don’t be fooled

Scott Acton was cycling about 200 miles a week in preparation for his yearlong ride around the world. It was a lifelong goal, and he’d already done a lot of planning, from getting permission to go to Cuba to setting up talks about the James Webb Space Telescope he’s been working on as a scientist at Ball Aerospace. Little did the 55-year-old know he’d also been laying the groundwork for something else — heart disease.
“I was one cheeseburger away from a massive heart attack,” Acton said.
It was early August 2015. Acton’s daughter was getting married in less than a week, and Acton was out cycling in preparation for his Oct. 1 big trip departure from Boulder. As he started off on his ride, he felt pain in his chest. This had happened before but always subsided after he rode a few miles. This time felt different, so Acton headed to the closest urgent care.