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Does ‘Good’ Cholesterol Matter in Heart Disease Risk?

​MONDAY, Oct. 31, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- A large new study adds to questions about whether your "good" HDL cholesterol levels really affect your risk of heart disease.

The study, of nearly 632,000 Canadian adults, found that those with the lowest HDL levels had higher death rates from heart disease and stroke over five years. But they also had higher death rates from cancer and other causes.

What's more, there was no evidence that very high HDL levels -- above 90 mg/dL -- were desirable.
People with HDL that high were more likely to die of noncardiovascular causes, compared to those with HDL levels in the middle, the study found.
The fact that low HDL was linked to higher death rates from all causes is key, said lead researcher Dr. Dennis Ko.