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Depression Often Follows Heart Surgery, As Political Strategist Ted Trimpa Learned

Ted Trimpa should have been on top of the world last summer: At just 48, the political strategist learned he'd be given a lifetime achievement award for his work to legalize gay marriage. But at the time, Trimpa was sliding into an emotional black hole that he says he's just now emerging from.

How A Colorado Strategist Helped Turn The Tide On Gay Marriage

Trimpa experienced depression brought on by surgery he had to repair a valve in his heart one year ago tomorrow. Only after being on the brink of suicide did he learn that depression is common among people who get open heart surgery, though a top cardiologist in Colorado, Dr. John Rumsfeld of the CU School of Medicine, says the connection is not discussed enough or thoroughly understood.
Trimpa and Rumsfeld spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.