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Colorado woman receives world's tiniest pacemaker

Imagine your heart stopping for five, ten, even thirty seconds and not knowing it.
For one Colorado woman, a rare heart condition would cause her to pass out and her heart would stop beating.

Recently, 27-year-old Jocelyn Baysinger learned her heart was stopping every time she passed out, which happened about once or twice a year. It was the result of a heart condition called Neurocardiogenic syncope.
Last year, she fainted at Denver Health where she works as an oncology tech. Doctors there ran an EKG on her heart and placed her on a monitoring device to detect her heart activity.

A few months later, In December, Baysinger passed out once again. The monitoring device showed her heart stopped beating for 30 seconds. Doctors at Denver Health referred her to cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Matthew Zipse at University of Colorado Hospital.