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DOM’s Richard Johnson and Eric Poeschla Elected to Association of American Physicians

In total, the CU Department of Medicine faculty includes 24 active AAP members and nine emeritus members.

February 2016 - Two faculty members in the Department of Medicine have been selected for membership in the Association of American Physicians (AAP), an organization established by physicians in 1885 for the advancement of medicine.

Richard Johnson, MD is the chief of the Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension. His work on the effect of sugar and uric acid metabolism on aspects of obesity and renal failure has been nationally and internationally recognized. He has published over 400 articles and is a co-editor of Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology, a widely-used clinical textbook.  He has published on a broad range of topics, from cobalt poisoning to the evolution of early humans, and published two books for a lay audience: The Sugar Fix (2008) and The Fat Switch (2012). Johnson received his MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School, and completed an internal medicine residency and nephrology and infectious diseases fellowships at the University of Washington Medical Center. He joined the CU Department of Medicine faculty in 2008.

Eric Poeschla, MD is the chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases. His research has established new mechanisms that underlie RNA viral infections, and he recently discovered that a human protein called LEDGF/p75 is the chromosome-attachment factor for HIV. In addition to his work on HIV, he is interested in emerging infectious diseases. Poeschla received his MD from Yale Medical School, and completed his internal medicine residency at UCSF. He completed a fellowship in infectious diseases at UCSD, and was a member of the Mayo Clinic Departments of Molecular Medicine and Medicine (Infectious Diseases) from 1999 to 2014, when he joined the CU Department of Medicine faculty.

“I’m very pleased that these researchers have been recognized as international leaders in biomedicine,” said Department of Medicine chair David A. Schwartz. “Both Rick and Eric have fundamentally changed the way we think about specific disease states through their research; these are major accomplishments and their election into the AAP is well deserved.”

In total, 24 members of the CU Department of Medicine are active AAP members, with an additional nine emeritus members:

​Active Members ​Emeritus Members
Rafeul Alam (Allergy/Clinical Immunology)
Robert Allen (Hematology)
Tomas Berl (Renal)
Michael Bristow (Cardiology)
Peter Buttrick (Cardiology)
James Crapo (Pulmonary)
Charles Dinarello (ID)
Gregory Downey (Pulmonary)
Boris Draznin (Endocrinology)
Robert Eckel (Endocrinology)
Curt Freed (Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology)
Patricia Gabow (Renal)
Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann (Endocrinology)
Philip Guzelian (Gastroenterology)
Bryan Haugen (Endocrinology)
V. Michael Holers (Rheumatology)
Lawrence Horwitz (Cardiology)
Moshe Levi (Renal)
Richard Johnson (Renal)
Eric Poeschla (ID)
Jane Reusch (Endocrinology)
David Schwartz (Pulmonary)
Marvin Schwarz (Pulmonary)
Rubin Tuder (Pulmonary)
William Arend (Rheumatology)
Henry Claman (Allergy/Clinical Immunology)
Reuben Cherniack (Pulmonary)
John Conger (Renal)
Ted Eickhoff (ID)
Robert Mason (Pulmonary)
John Repine (Pulmonary)
Robert Schrier (Renal)
John Weil (Pulmonary)