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Scholarship is integral to robust medical education. As part of their training, residents participate in a variety of academic exercises to help lay the foundation for their future as a peer and patient educator.  Journal Club Classics is a didactic peer education project that identifies the key articles shaping the practice of  Medicine. Residents critically appraise each one of these selected articles and lead a discussion with their peers and faculty members regarding its impact and legacy. Residents also give a yearly peer teaching didactic presentation on a relevant outpatient topic to peers and faculty in their continuity clinic.  Additionally, all residents must complete a scholarly work during the second and third year of training.  This may be a research abstract, an oral presentation given at a local or national meeting, a published or submitted manuscript, or a clinical vignette about an interesting case.  Our residents achieve significant success in these activities, including awards at local, state and national meetings. Residents who are invited to present at the ACP meeting are supported by the Department of Medicine.


Recent Award Winning Presentations 

        1. One Bad Egg: A Case of Salmonella Myositis.  Mary Anderson, M.D. and Mark Learned, M.D.

        2. Fevers, Pulmonary Nodules, and Numbness.  Stephanie Seiki, M.D.

        3. More than a Pain in the Neck.  Rudy Kimmerling, M.D.

        4. A Testicular Mass in a Young Male. Benjamin Scheier, M.D.

        5. When “A Pain the in the Neck” May Have Helped.  Andy Sweatt, M.D.

        6. A Small Cause of Acute Liver Failure.  Kirsten Regalia, M.D.

        7. Shared Decision Making in PSA Testing.  Alison Landrey, M.D.

        8. Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Caused by Fondaparinux Therapy with Subsequent Warfarin-Induced Skin Necrosis in a Patient Status Post-Total Knee Arthroplasty.  Shabnam Showell, M.D.

        9. MI and Infective Endocarditis.  Carrie Brown, M.D.

        10. New Gym Membership: Working Out to the Point of Paralysis.  Tracy Hansel, M.D.

        11. Delayed Medical Complication of Cholecystectomy.  Erin Marcum, M.D.

        12. Anemia, Kidney Disease and Inpatient Outcomes for Heart Failure in California 2000-2006.  Elma Kreso, M.D.

        13. Another Case of Abdominal Pain and Eosinophilia.  Clifford Schneider, M.D.

        14. Comparison of Diagnostic Accuracy of Questionnaire and Autoantibody Testing for Undiagnosed Inflammatory Arthritis in Sequential Health Fair Screens.  Christina Bright, M.D.

        15. No Stones About It:  Renal Infarction Mimics Renal Colic.  Sarah Hubbell, M.D.

        16. Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.  Tibor Krisko, M.D.

        17. Does Elite Athleticism Enhance or Inhibit Coronary Artery Plaque Formation? A Prospective Multidetector CT Angiography Study of Men Completing Marathons for 25 Consecutive Years. Jonathan Schwartz, M.D.

        18. Improving Communication Codes Through Implementation of High Fidelity Manikin-Based Scenario During Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training.  Richard Inman, M.D.

        19. Molecular Predictors of Beta Blocker Response.  Eric Young, M.D.