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Individual Mentorship

Strong Connections

Each intern is specifically assigned to one assistant program director in addition to their coach. This dedicated individual, with expertise in resident mentorship, develops a strong personal and professional connection with each intern. Constructive feedback and comprehensive evaluation is an essential element of personal and professional development. Each resident has semi-annual meetings with their assigned mentor to review evaluations and overall performance, as well as to plan for the future by addressing issues such as finding a research project, choosing electives, fellowship applications, and looking for a job. Beyond this formal mentor, each intern is paired up with a similarly minded faculty member who is their Clinical Coach (see next heading for details). As such, each intern/resident has multiple layers of mentorship and coaching throughout their residency training including their intern team, APD mentor, and Clinical Coach. 

Role Models & Mentors

As residents are ready to define their career path towards a subspecialty, area of research, practice base, or further training platform, we actively assist them in finding their “second tier” of mentors – those in their area(s) of interest who can serve as direct role models. Categorical residents planning to pursue a subspecialty career are paired with a faculty member with similar research interests to encourage and facilitate a productive research path during residency. Similarly, residents pursing a career in hospitalist medicine or primary care are assigned a mentor within their chosen field with similar career aspirations.

Career Goals

We are fortunate to have a large and diverse faculty, including MDs and PhDs, who are invested and eager to mentor our residents. The breadth of the medical campus, including a School of Public Health and liaisons with National Jewish Medical Center and the Children's Hospital, opens wide doors for residents to pursue various career goals within their internal medicine training.