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Some of our current second year residents!


 Post-Graduate Year 2 (PGY2)


 Abram Albizo

Hometown: Fort Worth, TexasAlbizo.JPG

Undergraduate: Texas Christian University

Medical school: Texas A&M College of Medicine

Plans after residency: Undecided.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Leaving Texas is not something many Texans do. Four weeks in and I know I made the right choice.  Simply said, the people at the University of Colorado are amazing. 

Favorite Colorado activity: Hiking in the mountains.  I cannot wait to try snowboarding.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The diversity in thought and focus on the learning. 

Upcoming vacation plans: None yet, but I sure look forward to winter sports. 

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A cat.


 Heather Berens-Norman

Hometown: Juneau, WIBerens.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Medical school: University of Colorado

Plans after residency: Rheumatology Fellowship at University of Colorado through the Physician Scientist Training Program.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I fell in love with Denver the moment my plane landed while interviewing for MD/PhD programs in 2004.  I was attracted to CU because of their research, medical education, and having a top tier Internal Medicine Residency Program.   I wanted to stay for IM residency because I know the training is excellent with a diverse patient population, people are happy and efficient here because they work hard and play hard, we have a high quality Rheumatology Fellowship and research environment, and overall Denver and Colorado are just plain awesome places to live.

Favorite Colorado activity: Snowboarding

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Beautiful newer campus.  I also love the Dazbog coffee shops at University Hospital and that the cafeteria opens up in the middle of the night for night shifts.

Upcoming vacation plans: Family vacation in the Midwest for the holidays in December.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Microbiologist by default, dreamed of being a Mechanical Engineer


 Elizabeth Corey-Pacheco

Hometown: Denver, ColoradoCorey-Pacheco.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Michigan

Medical school: University of Colorado SOM

Plans after residency: Hospital based medicine with a focus on developing healthcare systems.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Hospitalist Leaders Program was a perfect fit and the excellence of the attendings and overall program.  Staying in Denver was the best perk addition to the package!

Favorite Colorado activity: Walking my dogs with my hubby in Wash Park.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: the opportunity to rotate through several different hospitals to have exposure to different patient populations, diseases, and environments.

Upcoming vacation plans: NYC!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Barre Studio owner or newscast anchor.


 Sarah Dill

Hometown: Sunnyside, WashingtonSarah Dill picture

Undergraduate: University of Washington

Medical school: University of Washington School of Medicine

Plans after residency: Pulmonary critical care fellowship or pitalist

What made you choose the University of Colorado: The people here are fabulous!  I am also from the sunny part of WA, and I desperately missed the sun after so many years in Seattle.  It’s a great program that’s academically rigorous but with a schedule that allows some life balance.  The three hospital system is a challenge but it lets you experience all different types of patient populations and really experience the breadth of medicine. 

Favorite Colorado activity: Love hiking! But really lots of fun stuff to do.  I already have my season’s pass for this winter!

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Everyone here is really nice.  The nurses are top notch, and most everyone seems to get that we’re learning and really want to help us. 

Upcoming vacation plans: TBD for now.  In some order probably some place warm when it gets cold, a stay-cation up in the mountains, and maybe a trip back to WA to visit the fam. 

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A ninja or an acrobat!...Probably a teacher of some sort. 


 Sue Gu

Hometown: Hudson, OHGu.JPG

Undergraduate: Yale University

Medical school: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Plans after residency: I’d like to do a fellowship in either pulm / critical care or nephrology, pursue a career in academic medicine, and be involved in a global health organization.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I already loved Denver, but where it really clicked for me was at the pre-interview hang-out.   Both the residents and applicants had great personalities and seemed to be active, well-rounded, and fun people I wanted to spend more time with and be around for the next few years.  I also think this is one of the best programs in which to train as a resident because of the emphasis on individualized learning offered by the different tracks and pathways, and because of the opportunity we have to train in a wide variety of hospital settings and be exposed to diverse patient populations.

Favorite Colorado activity: Not one activity, but I call it the Colorado Trifecta – Run/Bike/Yoga.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The 4+1 schedule! Without it, my quality of life would not be nearly as good.  I love that we will stay with a cohort of co-residents on the same schedule cycle for all three years, which creates a familiar home base with people we will get to know really well.

Upcoming vacation plans: Headed back to NYC to visit friends and to run the NYC Marathon!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Conducting interventions in public health


 Winnie Liu

Hometown: Tough question, as I have never lived in the same city for more than 6 years. I was born in Taiwan, where my parents are now living. I was in Auckland, New Zealand for my middle school years and then ended at a boarding high school in Andover, MA. I stayed in Boston for college and moved to Chicago afterwards and lived there up until residency in Colorado. LiuW.jpg

Undergraduate: Wellesley College, MA

Medical school: Rush University in Chicago

Plans after residency: I'm still very open-minded, but I have interested in endocrine, infectious disease and general IM.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Mainly the intellectual and collegiate vibe that I got when I visited. The 4+1 system is also good for having a better balance between work and personal life.

Favorite Colorado activity: I'm still a newbie in town, so I love checking out new neighborhoods, hiking trails and restaurants & bars.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The people, everyone is really smart and fun to hang out with.

Upcoming vacation plans: My sister and her husband are coming to visit me from Chicago

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: competing in next season's Top Chef.


 Tejas Patil

Hometown: Toronto, CanadaPatil.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania

Medical school: Keck School of Medicine at USC

Plans after residency: Considering fellowship in Cards, Heme-Onc, or Pulm-Crit

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Honestly, it was the residents. Probably the smartest and most social group I met during my interview trail. I also liked the 4+1 schedule, the diversity of clinical experiences, the ability to work closely with really esteemed academic instructors in a laid back environment. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Denver is a really fun city as well.

Favorite Colorado activity: Still new to the city, but definitely hiking among the millions of trails in the city.           

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The diversity of clinical experiences. You really get to see it all out here and everyone has been amazingly supportive during my residency.

Upcoming vacation plans: New York City

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Probably a musician. I just love playing the piano and listening/making music.


 Matt Pflederer

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IndianaMatt Pflederer

Undergraduate:  Vanderbilt University

Medical school:  Indiana University School of Medicine

Plans after residency: Great question.  Right now I am just focusing on becoming a good internist, but I love hematology/oncology and cardiology.  That is the great thing about internal medicine, so many options.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Colorado was outstanding to me in many ways.  The 4+1 schedule, the hospital diversity, and the city of Denver were all very attractive.   The leadership genuinely seems focused on serving the residents but of all those things the most impressive were that all the residents, faculty I met on my interview trip were so happy and kind.  They were the peers and mentors I wanted to surround myself with in residency.

Favorite Colorado activity:  I love hiking and skiing but Denver food and beer should not be underrated.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado:  So far, I feel like the staff and residents have a lot of pride in the program which creates a great atmosphere for learning and working hard.

Upcoming vacation plans:  I have two weeks off during ski season, so I hope to spend some quality time in the mountains.  One of the great things about Denver, is that your friends WILL come visit you.  

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be:  Crazy to think about, but I think I would love being a high school teacher and coach.  


 Karen Schmitz

Hometown: Savannah, GASchmitz.jpg

Undergraduate: Notre Dame

Medical school: Emory

Plans after residency: TBD…happiness!

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Friendly people, great hospitals, strong clinical training, the opportunity for research without being overly research-obsessed, and Denver!

Favorite Colorado activity: Biking, eating, microbrews. Preferably if combined J Hopefully skiing come wintertime!

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: People are incredibly smart, yet still laid-back enough to share a laugh on rounds.

Upcoming vacation plans: Mexico for a week of fun in the sun!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: An event planner or a high-school guidance counselor.


 Kundai Tanganyika

Hometown: Harare, ZimbabweTanganyika.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Kansas

Medical school: University of Kansas

Plans after residency: Doing a fellowship and then practicing in underserved communities.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I like what the program has to offer. An example would be the global health program.

Favorite Colorado activity: Hiking and looking forward to skiing

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The feeling of belonging. Everyone that I have met is friendly and welcoming

Upcoming vacation plans: Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party and Kansas City for his wedding.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Running a restaurant