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Some of our third year residents!


 Post-Graduate Year Three (PGY3)


 Jacob Blount

Undergrad/Med school: University of Missouri/University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine-Lehigh Valley Health Network SELECT medical Program

Why Colorado: I rotated as a visiting sub-I and on the first day knew I was in the right place for me. Everyone I worked with made me feel like a member of the team from the moment I joined them. Everyone from students to attendings supported each other and would learn and grow together while providing exceptional care to patients. The patients themselves also played a large role. As people they provided meaningful experiences that helped us grow in our roles as physicians from a humanistic perspective, but also the complexity of their medical problems challenged us as students and physicians helping us grow clinically.

Plans Post Residency: Cardiology Fellowship or Hospital Medicine both would have a focus on health care systems and systems administration.

Favorite Part of living in Colorado: Everyone is always up for a mountain adventure no matter if it’s for a few hours or few days!

Favorite Denver Activity: Sunday brunch followed by volleyball with friends in Wash Park or City Park capped off with Jazz in the Park at City Park.

Favorite Denver Restaurant/Brewery: Recess in the Highlands! It has a great patio and I can take my dog and have a craft brew overlooking downtown. And there are always plenty of games!

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be: I would be a big mountain, backcountry skier. Essentially anything that would let me ski steep and deep everyday!


 Andi Hudler (right)

Undergrad and Medical School: CU Boulder and CU School of Medicine 

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? After going to medical school at CU, it was clear that the residents worked hard, but were still happy, kind, and really enjoyed the work they were doing. I also really liked the 4+1 schedule that guaranteed you a golden weekend every 5 weeks so you could go out and enjoy a bit of the Colorado sunshine. I'm also a Colorado native so it's nice to be close to my family. 

What are your plans post-residency? As of right now, I'm hoping to pursue a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? I love that we're so close to the mountains! It's so easy to head into the foothills for a day hike or for a weekend getaway. 

What is your favorite Denver activity? I'd have to say I'm a big fan of the classic Colorado trio of yoga, hiking, and hitting up a brewery for a microbrew when it's time to wind down at the end of the day. 

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? My favorite restaurant in Denver is Phoenician Kabob located at Colfax and Ivy. It looks incredibly sketchy, but the food is AMAZING! As far as breweries go, I'm a big fan of Ratio or Our Mutual Friend in RiNo. 

If not a doctor, what would you be? If I didn't pursue a career in medicine, I'd want to channel my inner Olivia Benson and be a detective. 


 Rebecca Johnson-Paben

Undergrad and Medical School: Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO) / The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD)

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? I grew up in Colorado, so even before the residency application process began, I already knew that the University of Colorado had an amazing hospital system and a great residency program. I love the fact that as residents we get the opportunity to work at four very unique hospitals with very different patient populations, and get broad exposure to many different types of healthcare systems.

What are your plans post-residency? I’m still undecided, but I really love academic medicine so I will likely do a fellowship so that I can dedicate some time to research. I’m hoping that intern year will help me narrow my interests.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? I can’t pick just one! The amazing weather, the friendly people, the beautiful mountains….I could go on forever.

What is your favorite Denver activity? I love exploring the different neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area, trying new coffee shops and restaurants, and spending time outside.

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? It’s hard to choose just one place! My current favorite is Declaration Brewing, which is a great local brewery that has a different food truck on-site every day and hosts lots of really unique events. Oh, and they have awesome beers! I keep a list of places to try in Denver because I am always getting amazing recommendations from the upper level residents.

If not a doctor, what would you be? An engineer!


 Miranda Merrill

Undergrad and Medical School: University of Oregon (go ducks!) for undergrad and Oregon Health & Science University for med school.

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? I was looking for a large academic program that could set me up for fellowship, as well as a place that provided a variety of training sites (VA, Denver Health). At my interview, I was impressed with how energetic, happy, and motivated everyone seemed. Also at dinner, the residents were entertaining, and clearly comfortable around each other.

What are your plans post-residency? I am interested in fellowship, most likely cardiology. If I had my pick, I would work at a big academic institution doing some medical education as well.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? The sun, the mountains, the people! Before moving here, I had heard "300 days of sunshine" and about how active everyone in Colorado is (which is totally true), but no one mentioned how friendly people are!? There is so much to do in/around Denver, and in a big program it isn't hard to find someone to do something with at all times.

What is your favorite Denver activity? The park BBQ scene is pretty amazing. Also, I love trying new Happy Hours/restaurants and there are endless places to choose from. Oh and Rockies games are a blast and basically free...

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? Impossible to pick just one, but I find myself at Avanti a lot - variety of foods to choose from, a rooftop patio, and a great view of Denver.

If not a doctor, what would you be? Travel blogger. Travel the world and write about it.. Yep, sold!


 Mistry Neelam (left)

Undergrad and Medical School: The University of Texas at Austin (undergrad), Baylor College of Medicine 

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? Internal Medicine is such a broad field, so I wanted an academically strong program that would provide the support and training to go into whichever path I choose (e.g., hospitalist, primary care, any subspecialty, etc). The best part of my interview day here was seeing that the program provided great training AND that the residents were happy, caring, and overall a great group of people. In addition to my co-residents, our faculty and staff are very supportive and are great mentors. A great support system in a beautiful city - Denver is a wonderful place to be!

What are your plans post-residency? At this point, I have not yet decided. I like general inpatient medicine, but am also interested in Hematology/Oncology. We shall see!

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? I was born and raised in Texas, where we have summer 24/7/365. I was looking for a change in scenery, mainly somewhere where I could enjoy the outdoors. The weather here is awesome, and there are a lot more places to enjoy it, even if you're not in the mountains. This is truly a beautiful place!

What is your favorite Denver activity? I love hiking and trying new places to eat. There are so many trails here that cater to hikers of all levels. It's always nice to reward yourself with a nice meal afterwards. There are lots of little places to try!

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? So far, my favorite has been Avanti F&B - great food, beer, and a view

If not a doctor, what would you be? I would probably be a professional paper-crafter and open up a shop on Etsy


 Taufiq Salahuddin

Undergrad and Medical School: I went to UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and Wake Forest for med school.

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? I had been in North Carolina for a long time (minus one year in DC during med school), and, though I loved it there, I wanted to see things in a different part of the country. So I knew I wanted to move outside of NC, and I knew I wanted a strong program with strong clinical training, interesting research opportunities, and an administration that would be open and responsive to feedback. When I interviewed here, I just fell in love with the area. Denver is a really great city with fun and interesting things to do at all times of the year. Also, I’d gotten much more into outdoor activities over the past 4-5 years, so the mountains out here were a really huge draw for me.

What are your plans post-residency? My plan is to apply for fellowship in cardiology. Lately, I’ve been increasingly thinking of working as a hospitalist for a year or two before applying.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? Definitely the proximity to the mountains. It’s just incredible. The University hospital has an amazing view of the Denver skyline framed by the Rockies, especially nice at sunset. The view still hasn’t gotten old, and I don’t think it will. Rocky Mountain National Park is only an hour and a half drive from Denver. There are limitless outdoor opportunities to explore within a 2 hour drive, and many are even closer. Many of my classmates and I have done a variety of different hikes already, including many people summiting different 14ers out of the 50+ 14,000 ft peaks in CO. Not to mention ski season, during which the medicine interns traditionally rent a cabin in the mountains to share. Pretty much every outdoor activity you can think of is available here.

What is your favorite Denver activity? Inside Denver, I’ve loved hanging out in the different parks throughout the city as well as outdoor festivals, many of which are free. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a little bit outside of Denver technically (30 min drive) but is probably the coolest venue around. They have events like movie screenings in addition to concerts. Also, Denver is very bike-friendly, and the weather and smooth riding around here just make me happy.

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? I don’t think I’ve explored enough to really pick a favorite yet. There are lots of interesting hole-in-the-wall places I have yet to try. One of my favorites so far, though not unique to Denver (started in Texas), is Torchy’s Tacos.

If not a doctor, what would you be? If I could have my dream job outside of medicine, I would want to be a Nat Geo photographer! This, of course, is highly unrealistic, and I think I’ll stick to being a resident for now.