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Some of our second year residents!

​Post-Graduate Year 3


 Sydney Marsh

Undergrad/Med School: 
Wartburg College (Iowa); Creighton University School of Medicine (Omaha, NE)
Why Colorado:
I had been coming to Colorado for family vacations for years so already knew I loved Denver and being near the mountains. I wanted a program that had a strong academic presence that would set me up well for fellowship, as well as a variety of environments in which to learn (University, VA, private hospitals). I had done an externship here my fourth year of medical school and found I really enjoyed the environment created by the residents, fellows, and attendings I worked with, and found program staff and leadership to be great. Between that month and my interview, I felt that I would fit in well with the work hard, play hard attitude embraced by the residents here.Marsh, Sydney 9.12.17.jpg

Post-Residency Plans: 
My current plans are to pursue a Hematology/Oncology fellowship.
Favorite part of living in Colorado: 
Definitely having the mountains so close! It’s really easy to fit in a great hike on your day off, or if you don’t want to drive as much, there are so many great ways to get active outdoors in the city.  
Favorite Denver activity: 
City Park Jazz in the summer, the farmer’s markets, Wash Park, the brunch scene…there are so many great things!
Favorite Denver restaurant/brewery: 
Osteria Marco in Larimer Square. You have to get the meatball sliders! 
If I weren’t a doctor, I would be…: 
I would most likely be a dietitian or working in food science. My retirement plans include opening a bakery and making cupcakes all day :) 

 Emily Simons

Undergrad/Med School: 
College of Charleston (undergrad), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (masters), Harvard Medical SchoolSimons, Emily.jpg
Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency?:  
I was working for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, for several years before I realized that what I really wanted out of life was to come back home to Colorado. I finally made that happen for residency because of the culture at the University of Colorado. The environment in our program is less hierarchical than many places and I thought it would be the kind of place where expectations would be high, but I would always get help without judgement when I need it. That turned out to be true. I often get emails with feedback or kudos and feel like I'm learning more than ever.  People tend to appreciate work/life balance to the extent that that exists during residency and do not to mistake time at work for working hard, which is a huge relief as a resident and mother. 
Post residency plans:  
Heme/onc fellowship, research in comparative effectiveness
Favorite part of living in Colorado: 
The sun shines more than 300 days a year and who doesn't love vitamin D? Also, like almost everyone else here, the mountains make me happy.
Favorite Denver activity: 
I live in the 'burbs, so my favorite activity is taking our baby out in the jogging stroller on one the trail systems (which are everywhere.) 
Favorite Denver restaurant/brewery: 
I love Union Station, especially around the holidays.
If I wasn't a doctor, I would be: 
A ranger for the National Park Service.


 Daniel Jonas

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? 
I chose University of Colorado because I was looking for a top tier academic program in a place I could see myself living and being happy. It was important for me to have a wide variety of patients for learning purposes and we get that here with the University Hospital, our safety net hospital downtown, and the VA. I was impressed with the residents and how knowledgeable and confident they were as well
as easy going. I had no doubts after interview day and now beginning my residency I would be set up well to succeed in any post-residency avenue I choose.  Daniel Jonas.jpg
What are your plans post-residency?  
As of now I am planning on a fellowship in Gastroenterology.
What is your favorite part of living in Colorado?  
The vast amount of things to do, especially the hiking and craft beer. 
What is your favorite Denver activity?  
Definitely hiking because scenery here is ama​zing. And I love to try new restaurants. 
What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery?  
Denver Biscuit Company no question. Good enough to be featured on a guilty pleasure show of mine, Food Network's Diner's Drive-Ins-and Dives. They have about ten different biscuit creations that will all make you cry tears of joy.
If not a doctor, what would you be?  
If not a doctor I would be the chef/owner of a gourmet sandwich shop with plans to expand into the food truck business. Or a television comedy writer if I was funny.


 Ericson "Sonny" Stoen

Undergrad and Medical School: 
Regis University/University of Colorado School of Medicine. Stoen, Sonny 9.11.17.jpg

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? 

Because I went to med school at CU, I knew that the culture here was one of inclusivity, support, and collaboration. I also felt like it was essential that I matched at a program that provided the right level of autonomy for me throughout residency, and was certain that I would get that here. The multi-hospital system and the 4+1 schedule are great too.  Plus, everyone here is so nice, and all the attendings in our program are FANTASTIC. 

What are your plans post-residency? 

While I’m still really open to different paths, I’m especially interested in Hospital Medicine and Heme/Onc.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? 

Definitely day trips to the mountains! Being so close makes it really easy to head up for a day and ski, hike, white water raft, or just hang out in Vail Village, even on an Intern’s schedule. 

What is your favorite Denver activity? 

Broncos games! (Even if I have to save up 80% of my annual salary to get a seat in the nosebleeds).

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? 

I’m really partial to Breck Brewery—great beer and the food is SO GOOD and different at every location! My favorite restaurant is probably Highland Tap and Burger (especially the green chile burger). 

If not a doctor, what would you be? 

I made a Baked Alaska once and it went pretty well, so probably a chef.