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Some of our current interns!


 Post-Graduate Year (PGY1)


 Jason Henry

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Undergraduate: University of MN- Twin Cities

Medical School: University of North Dakota

Plans after residency: Undecided

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I wanted a program that was rigorous, but supportive throughout. When we are done with residency it’s our job to be as prepared. I felt that Colorado had a good balance of rigor, but also support while we learn to become doctors. The skiing/hiking/beer drinking are all big bonuses

Favorite Colorado activity: Anything outside. I have no problem wandering around and finding fun things to do. It’s always nice outside.

Upcoming vacation plans: Heading to Verona Italy and then the Cayman islands. While I love Colorado, a little travel never hurt anyone.

If you weren’t a physician you would be: Probably living homelessly. Or a baseball coach.


 Isaac Hernandez

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Undergraduate: The University of Texas at Dallas

Medical School: UT Southwestern

Plans after residency: Either hospitalist medicine or a Heme-Onc fellowship. My true passion is to be a physician-leader, first through Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and then bridging clinical practice with the “business” of medicine. I truly want to pursue a position in a place where I can make a broad impact on the people of the community I serve, for example somewhere like Denver Health.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Basically, my personality just meshed with the people here. I also felt that this was a place that would embrace my philosophy of questioning the status quo. And if I was going to spend some time outside of Texas, there was basically no question that all my friends would be jealous of me moving to Denver.

Favorite Colorado Activity: A trifecta of trail running, skiing, and brewery tour (possibly all in one day)

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Everyone is smart AND laid back. People here are very approachable and employ a great balance between their career and quality of life.

Upcoming Vacation Plans: Hawaii with my family in the spring (but of course with skiing in between)

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate Investor (but never an actual realtor, because you have to be manic to do that job)


 Trevor Lane

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington

Undergraduate: University of Washington

Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine

Plans after Residency: Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship

Why Colorado: The residents are motivated and bright, but also down to earth and very friendly. I knew this program would challenge me, and equip me to be a versatile doctor after training in a variety of health care settings. Great mentorship and pulm/crit care. Also, Denver is a happening place, and there are ample opportunities for all sorts of excellent outdoor adventures all year round!

Favorite Colorado Activity: Rad mountain biking nearby, great climbing too at the Flatirons or in Eldorado Canyon.

Favorite thing about Univ. of Colorado: The supportive culture, excitement to learn shared by the housestaff, and the 4+1 system is amazing!

Upcoming vacation plans: Going home for Thanksgiving, traveling to Spain to visit a real special girl in my life, also hoping to spend some time ice climbing in Ouray this winter.

If you weren’t a physician you’d be: A mountain climbing guide or a firefighter.


 Ana Moreno

Hometown: Ridgefield, WA

Undergraduate: Willamette University

Medical school: University of Washington

Plans after residency: I have a commitment with the National Health Service Corps to work in an underserved area after finishing residency. I hope to go back to Washington or Oregon to work in primary care in a rural access hospital or clinic.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I really liked the combination of being in a strong academic program while surrounded by a supportive group of co-residents and faculty. I also love the huge diversity of patients I get to work with in Denver, which makes every day interesting.

Favorite Colorado activity: Hiking in the mountains. I’m also looking forward to trying snowshoeing this winter.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The primary care track is amazing! It’s such a privilege to train with other people who love clinic and want to get better at the same things I do. The 4+1 schedule also really facilitates outpatient time and allows my continuity clinic to be a significant part of the residency experience.

Upcoming vacation plans: Heading back home to the Pacific Northwest for a family wedding.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A social worker.


 Lisa Sawyer

Hometown: Longview, Texas

Undergraduate: University of Texas at Austin. Psychology

Medical school: University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio

Plans after residency: Unsure. Currently interested in Primary Care and possibly Palliative Care.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: The Primary Care track is very unique and unlike any others that I saw on the interview trail. Everyone I met during my interview was extremely nice and approachable, and this has remained true during my first month of internship. Also, Denver is amazing!! There are so many fun things going on at all times.

Favorite Colorado activity: Currently hiking, but looking forward to learning how to snowboard this winter.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: So far, the people. It is a great environment for learning and there seems to be a lot of support to help you reach your goals.

Upcoming vacation plans: Heading back to Texas to float the Guadalupe River in a couple of weeks and hoping for a scuba diving trip in the Spring.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A yoga instructor... Namaste.


 John Williams

Hometown: Somewhere with long winters and hot saunas

Undergraduate: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Medical school: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Plans after residency: Pulm/critical care

What made you choose the University of Colorado: Multiple hospitals, strong pulm/crit care, and close proximity to mountains. In general I had a good feeling about the place.

Favorite Colorado activity:  Skiing

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Work hard, play hard mentality 

Upcoming vacation plans: Just got back from working at the Crossfit Games in LA; will definitely sneak a ski vacation this winter

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: pursuing a career in military Spec Ops


 Amy Yu

Hometown: Irving, TX (suburb of Dallas)

Undergrad: Stanford University

Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Plans After Residency: Short-term: Palliative Care + Hospitalist.  Long-term: Healthcare Leadership (e.g. Chief Medical Officer or maybe even some policy work!)

What made me choose the University of Colorado: The Hospitalist Leadership Track.  It was really important for me to find a residency that would not only train me to be an excellent internist, but also had a program in place that shared the same values I have about systems improvement and cost-effective healthcare - and this program fit that bill.  It probably also helped that I got great vibe about the people and the entire IM program during my pre-interview dinner and interview day. (And honestly, who can't help but fall in love with Denver?)

Favorite Colorado Activity: I'm still exploring Colorado, but I love Jazz in the Park every Sunday, hiking, dancing, and jogging.  Can't wait to snowboard and night hike come winter.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: 1. The people: not only are folks incredibly smart, but they are down-to-earth and supportive  2. The different healthcare systems (VA, University, Denver Health, PSL) and the variety of patient populations. 3. My intern class - I love the large size and how there is always someone who is game to hang out or try new things.

Upcoming Vacation Plans: Heading back to Texas for a wedding + family time

If I weren't a physician, I'd be: Professional Eater. Or, in Silicon Valley working at start-ups / opening up my own business.