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Internal Medicine Residency Program Diversity Statement

At the University of Colorado Internal Medicine Residency Program, we strive for excellence. But what does excellence look like? We believe that a commitment to diversity will enable us to achieve the highest standards of excellence in all domains. Diversity within our Internal Medicine Residency program not only enriches our resident physicians’ experiences, it improves the quality of patient care. We strive to strengthen our program by recognizing that differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and spiritual practice are crucial to developing competent physician leaders who will deliver quality patient care with lasting impact on individuals and communities.


Our commitment to diversity extends beyond the Internal Medicine Residency Program to the Department of Medicine and the School of Medicine. Dr. Brenda Allen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, along with Dr. Christine Nyquist, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, lead the way in developing a faculty, housestaff, and student body that best reflects the patients for whom we care.  University of Colorado Organization for Racial and Ethnic Support (UCOLORES), founded in 2010, provides community support for faculty, residents, staff and students of color through bi-monthly community dinners. This community engagement activity helps build bridges and develop relationships by creating mentoring partnerships, providing information sessions in support of career development, and encouraging connections for research collaborations.

We invite you to explore the Diversity and Inclusion Anschutz Medical Campus website:

Karen Shea is our residency diversity ambassador.  Please contact her with any questions at   Alex Enurah is one of our current second year residents and would also be happy to discuss diversity at our program with you.  Please contact him at

Thank you,


Suzanne Brandenburg, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair for Education and Residency Program Director
Department of Medicine
University of Colorado Denver

“Civilization is the process in which one gradually increases the number of people included in the term 'we' or 'us' and at the same time decreases those labeled 'you' or 'them' until that category has no one left in it.”  

-Howard  Winters

Diversity Ambassadors include faculty; Ozzie Grenardo at, Karen Shea at, Nichole Gallegos Zehnder at, Amira del Pino-Jones at , Nia Mitchell at, Karen Chacko at, Lily Cervantes at, Noelle Northcutt at and housestaff; Robin Chand at, Jay Lopez at, and Ryan Murphy at