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4 + 1 Intern Schedule

Starting in July, 2014 all three years of residents will be on a 4+1 Schedule.  The currently listed schedules are the current schedules for the 2013-2014 year.  As soon as we have the 4+1 schedules for all 3 years of residents, we will post these to the website. 

This schedule minimizes conflicting inpatient and outpatient responsibilities, allowing residents to focus primarily on one educational endeavor at a time. We think this optimizes each learning experience – both in the outpatient and inpatient realm. We also believe this schedule enhances the continuity clinic experience by allowing for greater familiarization with the clinic setting, which becomes an educational home throughout residency. 

For interns next year, the 4 week blocks of inpatient time or electives for each of our tracks will include:

*Preliminary interns will attend an ambulatory clinic during their +1 week at the VA