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QIS Training Information


For the training webinar on the July 2015 software update associated with ASPEN 10.2/QIS 4.04, click on Training on 10.2. Designed for experienced QIS surveyors, this training session provides information focused specifically on the changes incorporated into the July 2015 version of the QIS tool and associated ASE-Q software.    

For the mapping documents that show the relationships between QIS care areas, QCLIs, Critical Elements, and F-tags, click on Mapping Documents (.xlsx File 071315). This link leads to an Excel workbook with six different worksheets.

  • The first worksheet lists each care area (alphabetically), the Critical Elements for the care area, and the F-tag associated with each Critical Element.
  • The second worksheet lists F-tags (numerically) and all the care areas linked to those F-tags.
  • The third worksheet lists all the F-tags (numerically) that are not associated with a care area.
  • The fourth worksheet lists the QCLIs that are linked to each care area (alphabetically).
  • The fifth worksheet lists all the care areas (alphabetically) that are not linked to QCLIs.
  • The sixth worksheet lists all the Stage 2 Care Areas and indicates if the Care Area should be investigated with a CE Pathway, or Guidance to Surveyors.

This workbook is a QIS tool that had previously been included with training materials. At the request of surveyors, we are including this mapping workbook on our website. You may find it useful to download the file to your computer and keep as reference material.

For comprehensive training designed for surveyors new to the QIS and the ASE-Q software, click on QIS Classroom Training Materials.  This link provides comprehensive training information for use with new QIS surveyors. The training addresses all aspects of the QIS process and will be updated to reflect the ASPEN 10.2/QIS 4.04 changes by August 24th, 2015.

The T3 Workshop page is for trainer instructors who are teaching a T3 Workshop. The page contains materials for trainer instructors to print and assemble when creating binders for each trainer candidate participating in the Workshop and also contains materials for the trainer instructors themselves. Information on learning how to teach a T3 Workshop (also known as T3.5) also is posted here.  Please read the document entitled “Preparation Guide for T3 Trainer Instructors” for a description of the Workshop materials and instructions for assembly, as materials have been changed and reorganized.