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Division of Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Clinical Fellows 2014-2015:

Lindsay Hoffman, MD
Geriatric Fellow

Kelsey Walker, MD
Geriatric Fellow

Geriatric Post-Doctoral Research Fellows 2014-2015:

Beret Casey, MD
Endocrinology Post-Doc Fellow

Kelly Downing, PhD
Research Post-Doc Fellow

Cemal Ozemek, PhD
Research Post-Doc Fellow

Kathleen Gavin, PhD
Geriatric Post-Doc Fellow

Vanessa Sherk, PhD
Research Post-Doc Fellow
Vanessa earned her PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma in 2011 and is working as a research fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Wendy Kohrt. Dr. Sherk brings to the IMAGE group her expertise on the pQCT, a machine that measures bone mineral density and bone strength. Drs. Sherk and Kohrt will work together on bone health studies, specifically examining the effects of exercise, hormones, calcium homeostasis, and NSAID use on bone health.

Sarah Wherry, PhD
Research Post-Doc Fellow