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Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Rheumatology Section

The Rheumatology Section of the Denver Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center provides rheumatologic care for the entire VA Eastern Colorado Health Care system.  This system serves veterans of our armed services living in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, and Wyoming.  In 2018, the Denver VA Medical Center (including the Rheumatology Section will be moving to a state-of-the-art replacement facility​ located on the Anschutz Medical Campus, near the Childrens Hospital and the University of Colorado Hospital.

Dr. Liron Caplan serves as Section Head and Dr. Robert Janson serves as Clinic Director.  Clinics are staffed by University of Colorado faculty rheumatologists, including Drs. Caplan, Deane, Boackle, nurse practitioner Susan Mann, as well as Drs. Marc Cohen and Victoria Seligman.  In addition, approximately 20 rheumatologists from the Denver metropolitan area graciously volunteer their time precepting as clinical faculty.  This provides trainees valuable interactions with both academicians and private practitioners.  Wanda Strickland administrates the Rheumatology Section.
The Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center boasts one of the nations' most dynamic clinical educators in Dr. Robert Janson, who has been award an American College of Rheumatology medical student preceptorships for at least 12 consecutive years. 
The rheumatology section is also among the most active rheumatology research sections in the country.  Specifically, veterans suffering from spondyloarthritis (axial spondyloarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis) may enroll in the VA's Program to Understand the Longterm Outcomes in SpondyloARthritis (PULSAR) registry.  This program aims to improve our understanding of these diseases by collecting health information and biologic specimens from veterans from across the United States afflicted with these conditions.  Dr. Caplan serves on the Executive Committee of PULSAR and UC Denver rheumatologist Kristi Kuhn, MD PhD, manages the national biorepository for PULSAR.  In addition, veterans with rheumatoid arthritis have the opportunity to participate in the Veterans Affairs Rheumatoid Arthritis (VARA) registry.  Investigators at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center have been awarded VA Merit grants, Career Development Awards, and private funding grants to conduct their promising research.
The Rheumatology Section of the Denver Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center may be contacted at:
303-399-8020 x3190.
General information for the Denver VA Medical Center may be found here​.