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Gnotobiotic Core

Germ-free mouse and isolator services

The UCD AMC gnotobiotic core provides investigators germ free (axenic/sterile) and gnotobiotic (flora-defined) mice. Our core facility includes 4 large and 8 small soft-sided vinyl isolators and our new Tecniplast iso-positive ventilated rack. Routine quality control testing is performed to confirm germ free status of our mice and isolators. 
Since establishing the facility in 2015, we have worked with over 15 investigators across the UCD-AMC campus. As we continue to grow, we welcome inquiries​ from the UCD-AMC campus, the CU system, and external academic and non-academic groups.


  • We breed and maintain germ free mice in flexible film (softwall) isolator bubbles 
  • We maintain our experimental mice on our Tecniplast iso-positive rack and caging system, which is designed for gnotobiotic and germ free animals
  • These cages provide HEPA filters at cage level and are airtight with positive pressure for ideal bioexclusion which allows us to have multiple studies on the same rack 



We are a full service facility. Peter Chun and Erin Severs are dedicated research staff who perform colony maintenance, husbandry, quality assurance, experimental manipulations, and specimen collections. They coordinate with individual investigators prior to each experiment to review experimental plans and provide detailed procedure reports. A cost quote for each experiment can be provided upon request. Our current fiscal year 2018 prices are listed here​​.

  • Available strains: C57BL/6, Swiss Webster. If you are interested in a germ free strain available elsewhere, we can have shipped into our facility.
  • Technical services: Oral gavage, injections, blood collection, fecal sample collection, mouse weight, plus more
  • Experimental set-up: Preparation of sterile water formulations (e.g. DSS), diet, gavage innocula, etc.
  • Isolator set-up: Most experiments can be performed on our Tecniplast rack. We have maintained study mice germ free in this housing system for up to 3 months. However, we do have vinyl isolators that can be dedicated for an investigator if needed.
  • Re-derivation:  Strains and transgenic mice can be re-derived into germ free isolators by caesarean section and cross fostering.



Kristi Kuhn, MD, PhD​
Gnotobiotic Core Director
Dr. Kuhn is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology whose research interests are centered upon the interaction of the microbiome with mucosal immunity in the development of rheumatologic disease. She established the UCD-AMC Gnotobiotic Core Facility in 2015 with generous support from the School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, and the Department of Immunology. Dr. Kuhn oversees the daily functions of the facility and is available to other investigators for guidance on experimental design, execution, and data interpretation.
Erin Severs, BA, BS, CVT, RLATg
Gnotobiotic Core Manager
Erin Severs has a BS in Biology and BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado Denver and an AAS in Animal Technology from Bel-Rea Institute. She worked in the Office of Laboratory Animal Research (OLAR) at the Anschutz Medical Campus in 2011 as an animal care technician and then a veterinary technician prior to joining the Division of Rheumatology. Erin became the first research assistant in the Gnotobiotic Core in 2015. She has also won awards for presentations in Gnotobiotics and facilitated the Gnotobiotics workshops at the National AALAS meeting in 2016.  She manages the daily activities of the facility and provides experimental design advice and technical assistance.​

​Peter Chun, BS​​
Gnotobiotic Core Technician
Peter Chun has a BS in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee. He started his career in the wildlife field, working at a zoo and a wildlife rehabilitation center. He began his research career in 2013 when he joined OLAR at UC Denver as an animal care technician and soon became a breeding specialist for the breeding core. In 2016, Peter joined the Gnotobiotic core as a research assistant. He provides animal colony maintenance, helps in experimental manipulations, and performs routine quality assurance testing.​


Click here​ for a list of publications using our facility.
If you have used our facility for your publication or grant award, please let us know !​