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Duane Pearson, MD

UCHealth Rheumatology Practice Director, Associate Director ECHO Colorado, Associate Professor of Medicine

​Duane Pearson, MD, is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Medicine. He currently serves as the practice director for the CU School of Medicine’s Rheumatology practice and the associate director for ECHO Colorado. After completing his residency in internal medicine and fellowship in rheumatology at the CU School of Medicine, he moved to Ventura, Calif., to further explore health care delivery models in medically underserved populations. At the Ventura County Health Care Agency, he served as the medical director for specialty services, where his main focus was the coordination of care transitions between primary and specialty care. Currently, he is partnering with CORHIO and HCPF for an e-Consult pilot project to improve specialty care access for Medicaid participants, participating in the Aurora Health Care Access Specialty Task Force.

Undergraduate, Graduate

1989-1993 Economics , BA Lake Forest College, IL

1989-1993 Biology, BA Lake Forest College, IL

1995-1999 Medicine, MD University of California-Davis, CA

Internship, Residency, and Fellowship

1999-2000 Intern, Internal Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

2000-2003 Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

2003-2006 Rheumatology Fellowship, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Academic Appointments
2006-2007 Instructor of Medicine, Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center
University of Colorado Hospitals, Division Of Rheumatology
2013-present Associate Professor of Rheumatology
University of Colorado Denver, Division Of Rheumatology

Hospital, Government, Other Professional Positions
2002-2004 Hospitalist, Critical Care and Pulmonary Consultants, Aurora, CO
Aurora Medical Center, Aurora, CO
Porter Adventist Hospital, Denver, CO
2003-2007 Intermittent Physician, Colorado Acute Long Term Care Hospital
2004-2007 Intermittent Physician, Denver Health and Hospital Authority
2007-2013 Rheumatologist and Clinical Educator, Ventura County Medical Center
2008-2013 Medical Director, Medical Specialty Clinics, Ventura County Medical Center
2009-2013 Medical Director, Ambulatory Care Specialty Services, VCMC
2009-2013 Medical Director, Referral Center, VCMC
2013-present Practice Director, Div. of Rheumatology, University of Colorado Denver
2013-present Director of Outreach, Div. of Rheumatology, University of Colorado Denver
2016-present Associate Director, ECHO Colorado

Membership in Professional Organizations
1999 American College of Physicians
2003 - current American College of Rheumatology
2004 Clinical Immunology Society

Major Committee and Service Responsibilities
2008-2013 Chair, Safety Net Coalition VCMC
2008-2013 Member, Chair (2010-2011), Department of Medicine Care Committee, VCMC
2008-2013 Practice Director, Medical Director Specialty Services (2009-2013),                                               Ambulatory Care Practice Directors Meetings
2009-2013 Member, Physician Contract Committee, VCMC
2009-2013 Member and Medical Director, Medical Staff Executive Committee
2011-2013 Founding Member, Gold Coast Health Plan Utilization Review Committee
2011-2013 Founding Member, Gold Coast Health Plan Pharmacy and Therapeutics                                             Committee
2013-present Practice Director, Practice Operation and Management Committee
2014-2015 Physician Champion, APEX Practice Redesign
2014-2015 Member, MARC Steering Committee
2014-2015 Physician Champion, RAC Redesign
2014-present Member and Past Pro-Tem Chair, CLC Ambulatory Referral Subcommittee
2014-2015 Member, UCH Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee
2015 Visiting Physician, ELWA Hospital, Ebola Survivor Clinic, Monrovia, Liberia
2015-present Aurora Health Access, Specialty Care Access Task Force

1992 Phi Sigma Iota—Foreign  Language Honors Society (Spanish)
1999 California Psychiatric Society Award of Excellence
2004 Clinical Immunology Society Spring School Travel and Tuition Grant
2005-2007 National Institute of Health Loan Repayment Grant
2005-2007 Arthritis Foundation Smyth Fellowship
2006 American College of Rheumatology Distinguished Fellow Award 
2006-2008 American College of Rheumatology Clinical Investigator Fellowship Award
2008 Clinical Educator Award, VCMC Resident Class (“Rookie of the Year”)
2009 Outstanding Physician, Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation ​