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Dennis J. Boyle, MD

Professor of Medicine

​Dennis Boyle has been involved in the communications field for fifteen years. He started as Bayer Facilitator in 1990’s. Since that time he has done workshops to over 5000 providers in Colorado and at events across the country. He has developed his own interactive workshops on a variety of communications issues, including ER team building, death and dying, and human factors training in the OR setting.

Over the same time period he has been involved in the University of Colorado’s Foundations of Doctoring and is presently the associate director of this innovative program teaching 320 medical students physician /patient communication yearly.
Over the last 5 years he has been a risk manager at the COPIC medical liability company and speaks and coaches across the state on the topic of disclosing errors and other communication and malpractice issues. Most recently he was elected to the Academy of medical Educators. Finally he is an academic Rheumatologist at Denver Health and Hospitals.

​1979-1981             Fellowship - University of Colorado Denver, Denver Colorado

1976-1978             Residency - University of Illinois - Chicago, Illinois

1975-1976             Internship - San Francisco General Hospital - San Francisco, California

Medical School      Temple University School of Medicine - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2012-present          Assistant Dean Community Based Medical Education

                                 University of Colorado School Medicine, Aurora, CO


2009-present          Associate Professor of Medicine in Rheumatology
                                 Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO


2006-present          Physician Risk Manager
                                 COPIC Medical Liability Company, Denver, CO
2002-2009              Assistant Professor of Medicine in Rheumatology
                                 Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO
2000-2002             Emergency Room Attending
                                Rose Medical Center, Denver, CO
1981-2002             Private Practice, Internal Medicine
                                Lutheran Medical Center, Wheat Ridge, CO​ 
​2011- present        Founder Mini Medical School- the clinical years

2010- present        Member of Academy of Medical Educators 

2005-2011            University of Colorado Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum Course Director

1992-1997            Medical Director of Disability - Public Employees Retirement Association
1995-1998            Medical Director of Managed Care and Utilization Management                                                         Lutheran Medical Center
1993-1995            President of the CPPO Board - Lutheran Medical Center 

1983-1985            First Chairman of Ethics committee - Lutheran Medical Center 
2013 AME award for excellence in Curriculum Development and Educational innovation 

2012 Contribution to communication in the FDC 
​Dr. Boyle's main interest is in doctor-patient communication.  He has worked extensively
with the Foundations of Medicine program over the last seven years teaching medical students
effective and empathetic communication.  In addition, Dr. Boyle has been a national speaker on issues such as communication and dealing with difficult patients.  He has also worked with 
Copic Insurance Company on their physician education program on the same issues. 

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