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Ashley Frazer-Abel, PhD, D(ABMLI)

Assistant Professor Research; Director, Exsera BioLabs

Dr. Frazer-Abel brings a strong background in complement and autoimmune testing for both patient diagnostics and clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  She has served as Principal Investigator or Contributing Scientist for the complement and cytokine analysis for more than a hundred non-clinical and clinical trials.  In addition to work on the development of new drugs, Dr. Frazer-Abel also has deployed many of the same tests for the benefit of patient diagnostics, developing novel assays to meet unmet diagnostics needs.  Dr. Frazer-Abel brings with her a mastery of the regulatory landscape and of requirements for work in diagnostics, as well as work that has to be regulated by the US FDA under 21 CFR.  Even if your interest in working with Exsera BioLabs​ is in support of pure research, utilizing assays validated and tested to this level of regulatory requirement can add a robustness and reproducibility that can only help you meet the new NIH recommendations.