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Resources for Faculty

​Working with an expert in unconscious bias training, we’ve developed a half-day workshop designed to help our faculty understand the effects of unintended bias. This training program is being delivered to DOM leadership, as well as to other key faculty groups​​ (see below for current session offerings​).  A one-hour workshop is also available to research groups, service lines or other groups within the DOM – contact Sonia Flores, PhD to request this short workshop, or if you are interested in participating in a half-day workshop.

We've established a committee focused on opportunities and career development for women and underrepresented groups, and have also committed to continuing our in-depth faculty salary analysis using AAMC benchmarks, and working with division leadership to address potential inequities in year-in-rank salaries across the department.

Our Strategic Initiative on Gender Equity was launched in 2016 to identify and jump-start initiatives to support gender equity at all levels throughout the department; this initiative is led by Margaret Wierman, MD, a professor in our Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes. 

2018 Foundations of Bias Workshops ANNOUNCED
Objectives of the workshops: 
• Build deeper relationships beyond name and title

• Understand how to use purposeful conversations to drive authentic actionable conversations
• Use deep listening as a tool for growth
• Understand the emotional and behavioral impacts of bias in our relationships
• Normalize conversations on bias

All faculty and staff encouraged to register
January 12, 2018 8am - noon, University of Colorado Health Sciences Library, Reading Room (3rd floor)  
February 20, 2018 8am - noon, University of Colorado Health Sciences Library, Reading Room (3rd floor)  
March 27, 2018 8am - noon, CU Medicine, Lilly Marks Boardroom (13199 East Montview Blvd - map)

Inquiries can be directed to Sonia Flores, PhD, Vice Chair Diversity and Justice (