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​Clinical Site Contacts

University of Colorado Denver

Ellen Burnham, MD, MSPrincipal Investigator
Brendan Clark, MDCo-Investigator
Elizabeth J. Kovacs, PhDCo-Investigator
Mehdi Fini, MDCo-Investigator
Sunita Sharma, MDCo-Investigator

University of Colorado Hospital

James Maloney, MDData and Safety Officer

Emory University

Samantha Yeligar, PhD, MSSite Principal Investigator
LouAnn S. Brown, PhDFaculty Collaborator
Ashish Mehta, MD, MScCo-Investigator

Loyola University Chicago​

Erin M. Lowery, MD, MSSite Principal Investigator
Majid Afshar, MD, MSCRCo-Investigator

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kristina Bailey, MDSite Principal Investigator
Joseph Sisson, MDFaculty Collaborator
Todd Wyatt, PhDCo-Investigator
Pi-Wan Cheng, PhDCo-Investigator

Thomas Jefferson University 

Ross Summer, MDSite Principal Investigator

Tulane University

Michael L. McCaskill, PhD, MPHSite Principal Investigator


University of California San Francisco 

Carolyn Calfee, MD, MASSite Principal Investigator
Farzad Moazad, MDCo-Investigator

Requests for Biomaterials

Jeanette Gaydos, BSResearch Specialist