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​Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care

Eric Schmidt, MD

As the son of a father with a serious chronic illness, Eric Schmidt came to understand the power of a good bedside manner at an early age.

Todd Bull, MD

It was in the Intensive Care Unit there that he developed a keen interest in the delicate relationship between heart and lungs.

Marvin Schwarz, MD

“Our overarching goal is to continue to make Colorado the place where the next generation is being trained”

DOM Newsroom

Study: Mysterious disease may be tied to climate change

CU’s Richard J. Johnson says a mysterious kidney disease that has killed more than 20,000 people may be linked to global climate change.

Anschutz campus signs on for BC Platforms

“Our goal is to become leaders in the application of genomics research to transform the way we make decisions in the clinic and in our research,” said Kathleen Barnes, director of the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Personalized Medicine.

University of Colorado Hospital opens Center for Lungs and Breathing

“My goal is to make this the national recognized center for these problems of lungs and breathing,” said Todd Bull, interim medical director for the new center.

Shortness of breath can be more serious in some

“Patients are often misdiagnosed early on as having asthma or one of the other pulmonary diseases,” said David Badesch, at the University of Colorado Hospital’s Center for Lungs and Breathing.

Genetic mutation in ancient apes may be factor in obesity rates, CU Anschutz researcher says

CU Professor of Medicine Richard J. Johnson says a genetic mutation that occurred among prehistoric apes to survive food scarcity could be behind today’s pandemic of diabetes and obesity.

CU Anschutz researcher says `thrifty gene' making us fat

A genetic mutation that occurred among prehistoric apes to survive food scarcity could be behind today’s pandemic of diabetes and obesity, according to an article by Richard J. Johnson

Race for the Cure: Breast cancer survivors share stories

KUSA – This week leading up to Race for the Cure we are focusing on amazing women who have conquered, are fighting, or who have been touched by breast cancer. They say they're sharing their stories to help other families who are fighting the disease.

Wedding vows give patient a final victory

In the softly lit chapel, the bride-to-be waited patiently. It was a moment that might have been dipped in amber and preserved forever. The man she loved stood by her side. Flowers graced the room.

How they survived bubonic plague, just barely

There have been rare cases where people recover without antibiotics, but “it’s such an uncommon disease, I don’t know if it’s been studied well enough to know if certain people have increased susceptibility”

Lung cancer researchers offer hope that disease is not death sentence

“We are on the way to make lung cancer a chronic disease,” said Fred Hirsch, a CU professor who heads the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. “And not that far in the future.”

Ramsey: American Olympic athletes jump into Rio's dirty waters

Michelle Barron, an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Disease at the CU School of Medicine said she’s concerned by what she’s read about Rio’s waters.

For-Profit Companies Seek, and Get, Medicare ‘Wellness’ $$

Erik Wallace also has issues with Life Line's practices, has visited their centers, and has taken on the issue of direct-to-consumer marketing of their services as a research project.

Can carbonated drinks increase your risk of heart attack?

Frederick Masoudi, a cardiologist at the University of Colorado Hospital: “At the end of the day it’s a little difficult to draw strong conclusions from this study in terms of the causal relationship between the two.”

CU Department of Medicine Launches New Resource to Expand Research Mission

New office is focused on supporting researchers and grant administrators, and increasing department’s research funding.

Clinical trial drug transforms life of cancer patient

Dr. Doebele and his CU Cancer Center research team drive development of targeted-therapy drug that shows great promise