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​Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care

Eric Schmidt, MD

As the son of a father with a serious chronic illness, Eric Schmidt came to understand the power of a good bedside manner at an early age.

Todd Bull, MD

It was in the Intensive Care Unit there that he developed a keen interest in the delicate relationship between heart and lungs.

Marvin Schwarz, MD

“Our overarching goal is to continue to make Colorado the place where the next generation is being trained”

DOM Newsroom

CU, VA researchers explore barriers to reducing opioid use for pain

“That support is key and will be challenging for many primary-care practices, where providers already busy seeing patients in limited time windows,” said Joseph Frank

UCH providers plunge into Department of Medicine “Shark Tank”

A half-dozen individuals sat at a long table as contestants pitched their ideas. They listened without interrupting to each of four presentations.

Most Who Lose Weight Stay with Low-Cost Program, Keep it Off

Nia S Mitchell, at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus: “I think that’s unique in weight loss and probably why we may be able to see longer extended weight-loss maintenance.”

Do Doctors Really Die Differently Than the Rest of Us?

Stacy Fischer, senior researcher on the study and an associate professor at the CU School of Medicine: “This will be a really interesting study to repeat down the road, to see whether where you live might still be more important than who you are.”

Doctors don’t die differently than anyone else

A new study from researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus appears to disprove the increasingly popular notion that doctors die differently than everyone else, using fewer interventions that often have little value.

Miracle drug trial saved woman’s life

“We’re trying to find something like Cinderella’s shoe that will fit perfectly on that one person. You have to personalize the treatment.”

Gun safety should be part of doctor-patient conversation, doctors say

In a related essay, Erik A. Wallace from the CU School of Medicine Colorado Springs Branch says he thought about buying a firearm after a patient threatened to kill him, but he ultimately decided against arming himself.

Weight Loss Programs Help People Keep The Pounds Off, But Success Is Still Rare

New preliminary research recently presented at the Society of General Internal Medicine’s annual meeting provides somewhat mixed news for those hoping to lose weight permanently.

NMMC Welcomes New Chief Physician Executive/Chief Clinical Officer

North Mississippi Health Services announces Tom Purcell is returning to his hometown of Tupelo to serve in the newly developed role of Chief Physician Executive and Chief Clinical Officer for the health system.

Global Epidemic: Researchers Warn People as Climate Change Linked to Increase in Chronic Kidney Disease

Here’s another reason why you may not want to work long hours under the extreme heat. A new study, led by Richard Johnson and Jay Lemery (CU School of Medicine).

Good Grief Rounds help docs heal themselves

UCH Palliative Care team volunteers to address resident, provider grief.

UCH antibiotic stewardship conference targets the meds that battle the bugs

More than two dozen hospitals join forces to discuss ways to manage prescribing

CU researchers take aim at PTSD, burnout in the ICU

They found ICU nurses to have PTSD rates on a par with those of veterans of the war in Iraq. Now they’re studying ways to do something about it.

University of Colorado medical students focus on compassion in Colorado Springs

Leaders running the new CU School of Medicine’s branch campus in Colorado Springs are employing a brand of training for third-year students that teaches compassion along with diagnosis and treatment.

Expert mosquito advice: Eliminate standing water, wear insect repellant

“We have the right mosquito here for West Nile virus,” said Michelle Barron, medical director of infection prevention at the University of Colorado Hospital.