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University of Colorado Denver
4200 E. 9th Ave.
Denver, CO 80262


The 9th Ave. campus is located about 5 miles east of downtown Denver, which is in the center of the metro area.

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The campus is located on the east side of Colorado Blvd. (which runs north-south) between 8th and 12th Aves. Avenue numbers run to the north (9th is north of 8th). The main access routes are Colfax (which runs east-west), about .5 mile north of the campus where 15th Ave would be, and Colorado Blvd. from the south or north.

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) is on the north side of the campus. There is a pedestrian bridge over 9th Ave. connecting UCD and UCH. Rose Hospital and the VA Hospital are just east of UCH, though they are not direct affiliates of UCHSC.

From downtown Denver
1. Take Colfax east about 5 miles to Colorado Blvd.
2. Turn right (south) and go about .5 miles to 9th Ave.

From the airport
1. Take Pena Blvd. south to I-70.
2. Take I-70 west (right) to the Colorado Blvd. exit.
3. Take Colorado Blvd. south (left) for approximately 4 miles to 9th Ave.

From north Denver
1. Take I-25 south to the Colfax exit.
2. Turn left (east) and follow the directions from downtown, above.

From south Denver
1. Take I-25 north to the Colorado Blvd. exit.
2. Turn right (north) and follow it about 5 miles to 9th Ave.

1. Alternatively, take I-225 north to the Colfax exit.
2. Turn left (west) and go about .5 mile to Ursula St.
3. Turn right (north) onto the campus.

From the Fitsimons campus
1. Take Ursula St. south to exit the campus.
2. Turn right (west) onto Colfax, and stay on it for about 5 miles.
3. Take Colorado Blvd. south (left) about .5 miles to 9th Ave.


Parking structures are conveniently located in the following several areas:

11th Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
Parking attendants are on duty weekdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

9th Ave. and Clermont St.
No attendants.

Valet parking is available at the hospital entrance a half block east of Colorado Blvd. on 9th Ave., Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.



A number of Regional Transportation District (RTD, 303-299-6000) buses serve the campus from approximately 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. They stop on 9th Ave., 8th Ave., or Colorado Blvd. The buses that come directly to or close by the campus are #6, 10, 32, 40 and 56, plus the Regional D (Boulder). Schedules are available at the hospital information desk and at the Parking and Transportation office.

The major taxi companies serving metro Denver around the clock are usually available at the cab stand just east of the hospital entrance on the north side of 9th Ave. If you need to call a cab, the numbers are:


Yellow Cab  303-777-7777
Metro Taxi, Inc.  303-333-3333

There is an employee shuttle between the two campuses, leaving every half hour, near the cab stand (see above) and Wall Street Deli.