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York Miller, M.D.

Professor of Medicine



  York Miller, M.D.
  Professor of Medicine  

  University of Colorado Denver

  Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care Medicine


Education & Training
Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
1972 A.B. Biochemical Sciences

Duke University Medical School
1976 M.D. 

Barnes Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine
1976-1978 Residency 

University of Colorado School of Medicine
1978-1979 Residency 
1979-1982 Fellow Pulmonary

Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research, Denver, CO
1980-1982 Postdoctoral Fellow


Predoctoral research, Robert M. Bell, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Duke University

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

Program Leader, Tobacco Related MalignanciesProgram, University of Colorado Cancer Center

Member, Human Medical Genetics Program, University of Colorado Denver

Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

Staff Physician, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Denver, CO

SELECTED PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (from 69 peer-reviewed and 45 non-peer-reviewed)

  • Miller, YE, Minna, JD, Gazdar, AF. Lack of expression of aminoacylas-1 in small cell lung cancer: Evidence for inactivation of genes endoced by chromosome 3p. Journal of Clinical Investigation 1989; 83:2120-2124.
  • Aguayo, SM, Kane, MA, King, TE, Schwarz, MI, Grauer, L, Miller, YE. Increased levels of a bombesin like peptide in the lower respiratory tract of aysmptomatic cigarette smokers. Journal of Clinical Investigation 1989; 84:1105-1113.
  • Miller, YE, Drabkin, HA, Jones, C and Fisher, JH. Human aminoacylase-1: Cloning, regional assignment ot distac chromosome 3p21.1 and identification of cross-hybridizing sequence on chromosome 18. Genomics 1990; 8:149-154.
  • Aguayo, SM, King, TE, Waldron, JA, Sherritt, KM, Kane, MA, Miller, YE. Increased pulmonary neuroendocrine cells with bombesin like immunoreactivity in adult patients with eosinophilic granuloma. Journal of Clinical Investigation 1990; 86:838-844.
  • Kane, MA, Aguayo, SM, Portanova, LB, Ross, SE, Holley, M, Kelley, K, Miller, YE. Isolation of bombesin/gastrin relaeasing pepetide recoptor from human small cell lung carcinoma NCI-H345 cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry 1991;266:9486-9493.
  • Aguayo, SM, Sherritt, KM, King, TE, Kane, MA, Silver, W, Nett, LM, Petty, TL, Miller, YE. Urinary levels of bombesin like peptides in asymptomatic cigarette smokers. Cancer Research 1992;52:2727s-2731s.
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