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Sonia C. Flores, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine



  Sonia C. Flores, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine


  University of Colorado Denver

  Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care Medicine 


Education & Training
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
1979 B.S. Biology

University of South Alabama, Mobile
1984 B.S. Basic Medical Sciences
1988 Ph.D. Biochemistry


General Excellence Scholarship, Italo-American Society, University of Puerto Rico

Honorary Society of Phi Kappa Phi; Magna Cum Laude, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Puerto Rico

Procter and Gamble Graduate Fellowship

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dep. Micro & Immunol, Univ. South Ala.

NIH NRSA award

Instructor, Biochem, Univ South Ala School of Medicine, Mobile, Alabama

Instructor, Biochem, Biophys, and Genetics, University of CO HSC, Denver, CO

Assistant Professor, Biochem, Biophys, Genetics, Univ.CO

New Investigator Award from the editors of Free Radical Biology & Medicine Journal


Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, LSU Medical Center, Shreveport, LA

Assistant Professor, Dept. Medicine, Webb-Waring Inst., UCD

Associate Professor, Dept. Medicine, Webb-Waring Institute

Editorial Board, Archives Biochemistry and Biophysics

Consultant, NHLBI Special Emphasis Panel

Director, UCD Graduate Training for Multicultural Students Summer Internship Program

Member, NIGMS MBRS Review Subcommittee


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