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  James H. Fisher, M.D.
  Professor of Medicine
University of Colorado Denver




Education & Training
University of California at Davis
1968 B.S. Biochemistry
1984-88 M.D.


Professor of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care
University of Colorado Denver

Chief of Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Denver Health Medical Center


1973-1974 Intern, (Medicine) St. Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA
1974-1977 Resident (Medicine) University of California of Davis, CA
1980-1983 Pulmonary Fellow, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
1981-1982 Postdoctoral Fellow, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research, Denver, CO
1982-1983 Junior Research Fellow, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research, Denver, CO
1983-1989 Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases and Clinical Genetics, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
1985 Institute Fellow, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research, Denver, CO
1985-1987 Director, Pulmonary Services, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
Chief, Waring Service, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
1989-1994 Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
1994-1998 Professor of Internal Medicine, Chief of Pulmonary/Critical Care Division, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI


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