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Edward David Chan, M.D.

Professor of Medicine



Edward David Chan, M.D.
Professor of Medicine

University of Colorado 
Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care Medicine 
Phone: 303-724-0000; Email:


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO
1982 B.A. Biology/Chemistry

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY
1986 M.D. 

St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center, University Hospital, New York, NY
1986-1989 Residency Internal Medicine

University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO 
1993-1997 Fellowship Pulmonary Science & Critical Care Medicine


    Chief of Internal Medicine Clinic, Clinical Laboratory Director, CME Coordinator; F.E. Warren Air Force Base Hospital, Cheyenne, WY

    Staff Internist, Infection Control Committee Chairman, QA Monitor of Internal Medicine Clinic; United States Air Force Academy Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO

    Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

    Pulmonary Research Fellow, National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver, CO

    Clinical Staff Member, National Jewish Health, Denver, CO

    Director of MICU, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center


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