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Carolyn H. Welsh, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

Carolyn H. Welsh, M.D. 
Professor of Medicine University of Colorado Denver





Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
1974 A.B. 

Boston University, Boston, MA
1979 M.D. 

Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, MA
1979-1980 Intern Internal Medicine
1980-1982 Resident Internal Medicine

University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO
1982-1985 Fellow Pulmonary/Critical Care


1991 - Present
Associate Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care

1985 - Present
Director, Medical ICU/CCU Denver Veterans Administration Medical Center

1985 - Present
Staff Physician, Denver Veterans Administration Medical Center

1985 - 1991
Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver

1985 - 1990
Research Cardiovascular Pulmonary Research Lab, University of Colorado Denver

Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Pulmonary Research Lab, University of Colorado Denver

Summers of 1973 and 1974
Research Assistant, Children’s Hospital Boston, Cardiovascular Surgery Research Lab of Dr. William Bernhard

Research Assistant, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Tumor Virology Lab of David Livingston, MD/Ph.D.


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