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Air Quality Rating Along Front Range Could Be Lowered

“People love to come to Colorado because of the environment and the lifestyle of the mountains and generally what is thought to be clean air,” said David Beuther.

A Patient’s Guide to Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the lower front of the neck. Its job is to make thyroid hormones, which “basically makes everything in the body work more smoothly – metabolism, thinking, other organs,” says Bryan R. Haugen.

Improving Advance Care Planning for Latinos with Cancer: A Podcast with Fischer and Fink

In this week’s GeriPal podcast we talk with Stacy Fischer, and Regina Fink, both from the University of Colorado, about a lay health navigator intervention to improve advance care planning with Latinos with advanced cancer.

Get Well, Live Well Estes, Summer Edition: Physical activity more important than diet when it comes to weight loss maintenance

It’s tough to lose weight and keep it off. Research shows that the vast majority of people who lose weight from dieting gain it back.


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