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Targeted Therapies Extend Overall Survival in Patients with Stage 4 ALK-Positive Lung Cancer

“(Our study) illustrates the benefit of targeted therapy and selecting therapy for a specific genetic makeup,” first author Jose Pacheco, an assistant professor of medicine/medical oncology at CU School of Medicine, said.

Gout Research - Treatment and Prevention

“Unfortunately, gout research has been stalled for a while,” says rheumatologist Kevin Deane, an associate professor of medicine in the division of rheumatology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver.

UCHealth is taking extra measures to protect patients during flu season

“We are expecting to start seeing more cases of the flu in the coming weeks as people are around more people than usual for holiday shopping, gatherings and travel,” according to Jean Kutner.

Stair test may predict your risk of dying of heart disease, cancer, study finds

“When people say, ‘I can’t exercise because I’m short of breath,’ I say, ‘Great, what a wonderful thing, I want you to use that your advantage,’” said Andrew Freeman.


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