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​Date ​Presenter ​Description ​Video Link
​01/08/2020 ​Mihir Wagh, MD & Paul Menard-Katcher, MD ​Novel Diagnostic and Endoscopic Options for upper GI motility Disorders (POEM and G-POEM) Click here​
​12/18/2019 ​Scott Wright, MD ​Clinical Excellence Within Academic Medical Centers​
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Click here​
​12/11/2019 ​Michel Chonchol, MD ​Mineral Metabolism in Chronic Kidney Disease Click here
​12/4/2019 ​Gregory G. Schwartz, MD, PhD ​PCSK9 Inhibitors: How Should We Use Them to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk? Click here​
​11/20/2019 ​Alfonso Rodriguez-Morales, MD  ​ Zika: Atypical, Severe and Lethal Forms: Experience from Columbia Click here
​11/6/2019 ​​Julie Overbaugh, MD ​The Potential of international collaborations for HIV prevention: Studies of mother-to-child transmission. Click here​
10/30/2019 ​Dan Bessesen, MD & Shelby Sullivan, MD ​Current Approaches to Weight Loss Click here​
​10/16/2019 ​Sondra Zabar, MD ​H.R. “Bob” Brettell Lectureship—Ambulatory Patient Safety and Simulation: Using Unannounced Standardized Patients to Integrate Education, Quality Improvement, and Research to Support a Learning Healthcare System ​Click here​
​10/9/2019 ​Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD ​Learning from Cases in Practice & Practice with Cases for Learning Click here​
​10/2/2019 ​Wells Messersmith, MD ​Colorectal Cancer: Present and Future Click here​
​9/25/2019 ​Lilia Cervantes, MD ​Dialyzing the Undocumented – Driving Policy with Data Click here​
9/18/2019 ​Donald A. McClain, MD, PhD ​Iron as a Risk Factor for Chronic Disease​ Click here
​9/11/2019 ​Cari Levy, MD, PhD ​Wasted Away Again In Margaritaville and Other Experiments In Senior Living Click here
​9/4/2019 ​Andrew Fontenot, MD ​Sarcoidosis: A Continuing Enigma Click here​
​8/28/2019 ​Cathy Lozupone, PhD ​Influence of Dietary Fat and Fiber on Resilience of the Intestinal Microbiome to Antibiotics and Susceptibility to Clostridoides Difficile Infection Click here​
​6/12/2019 ​Hal Hoffman, MD ​The Inflammasome in Rare and Common Disease: From Gene to Therapy Click here​
​6/5/2019 ​ Joanne G. Elmore, MD, MPH ​Breast Cancer Screening: Balancing Evidence with Culture, Politics, Money and Media ​Click here
​5/29/2019 ​John Reilly, MD ​The Next Decade for Academic Medical Centers Click here
​5/15/2019 ​Catherine R. Lucey, MD ​What’s Basic About Science in Medical Education? Click here
​5/8/2019 ​Joseph Hill, MD ​Renovations in the House of Medicine Click here
5/1/2019 ​Len Rubenstein, JD & Zaher Sahloul, MD ​Medicine and Morality in Times of War ​Click here
​4/24/2019 ​Jeremy Hua, MD Cameron McGuire, MD ​“Housegaffe: A historical perspective of the changing healthcare climate and its effects on internal medicine residency training” Click here
​4/17/2019 ​Victor Montori, MD ​Toward Careful and Kind Care for All ​Click here
​4/10/2019 ​Fernando Holguin, MD, MPH ​Asthma and Metabolism. New Mechanisms of Airway Dysfunction and Therapeutic Strategies Click here
​04/03/2019 ​Patrick Nana-Sinkam, MD ​Non-coding RNA's in Lung Cancer: An Evolving Story Click here
​03/27/2019 ​Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MS ​The medical complications of opiod use and opiod use disorders Click here
​03/20/2019 ​Terry Watnick, MD ​Cysterhood ​Click here
​02/13/2019 ​David Wyles, MD ​Transformative new therapies for hcv: paving the way for elimination Click here
​02/06/2019 ​Hillary Lum, MD, PhD ​Changing the Culture of Care Planning: From Personal to Populations Click here
​01/30/2019 ​Neda Rasouli, MD ​Updates on Diabetes management Click here
​01/23/2019 ​John Quackenbush, PhD ​Using Networks to Explore the Genotype-Phenotype Connection Click here
​01/16/2019 ​Benjamin Humphreys, MD PhD ​Growing Transplantable Kidneys: Hope or Hype Click here
​01/09/2019 ​Amira del pino Jones, MD ​Diversity and Equity – Best practices in Recruitment, Compensation, and Speakership Click here
​12/19/2018 ​Kristine Kuhn, MD ​Mechanisms of microbial stimulation of inflammatory arthritis Click here
​12/05/2018 ​Amrut Ambardekar, MD ​Cardiac Transplantation: 50 years in the making ​Click here
11/28/2018 ​Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, MD ​Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics: Great Strides and Future Directions Click here
​11/07/2018 ​Kathleen Barnes, PhD ​Launching Personalized Medicine at CU Click here
​10/31/2018 ​Rob Valuck, PhD, RPh ​The Opioid Crisis in Colorado: Policy, Program, and Professional Responses Click here
​10/24/2018 ​Arun Sanyal, MD ​Translating basic discovery into usable diagnostics and therapeutics for NASH Click here
​10/10/2018 ​Jeremy Long, MD Greg Misky, MD ​"Doc, what I'm really trying to tell you is..." Examining the Impact of Social Determinants of Health Click here
​10/03/2018 ​John Carroll, MD ​The Distribution of Cardiovascular Services in the U.S.: Quality versus Profits in TAVR? Click here
​09/26/2018 ​David L. Cohn, MD ​The History of HIV/AIDS in Colorado: Discovery, Controversy, Collaboration and Success Click here
​09/19/2018 ​Lisa Raville ​Harm Reduction is Good for Public Health Click here
​09/12/2018 ​Peter Pressman, MD ​Alzheimer’s Disease: The Present Hope Click here
​09/05/2018 ​Jennifer Diamond, MD ​Triple-Negative Breast Cancer:  Moving Towards Targeted Systemic Therapies Click here
​08/29/2018 ​Dan Pollyea, MD ​Acute Myeloid Leukemia: From a Difficult Past to a Promising Future ​Click here
​06/13/2018 ​Amy Yu, MD; Tyler Anstett, DO ​Awaiting Your Orders: Outside Hospital Transfers and Opportunities for Improving Care Click here
​06/06/2018 ​Daniel Kelly, MD ​Deciphering the Metabolic Origins of Heart Failure Click here
​05/30/2018 ​Mary Samuels, MD ​Tales from the Thyroid Clinic ​Click here
​05/16/2018 ​Joel Hirsh, MD ​Health Literacy and Rheumatoid Arthritis ​Click here
​05/09/2018 ​Furman S. McDonald, MD, MPH ​Evidence Based Education: Medical Knowledge Acquisition and Associations with Patient Relevant Outcomes Click here
​05/02/2018 ​Anupam Jena, MD ​Gender Differences in Physician Promotion, Compensation, and Patient Outcomes Click here
​04/25/2018 ​Stokes Peebles, MD ​Preventing RSV - Preventing Asthma? Click here
​04/18/2018 Sherita Hill Golden, MD, MHS Storytelling in Academic Medicine: A Tool to Spur Scientific Discovery and Civic Engagement Click here
​04/11/2018 Patricia Heberer-Rice, PhD, Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH How Healers Became Killers: Nazi Doctors and Modern Medical Ethics Click here
​04/04/2018 ​Sally Wenzel, MD ​Make Difficult Asthma less Difficult: From Biology to Biologics Click here
​03/28/2018 ​Tom Purcell, MD ​Exercise is Cancer Medicine Click here
​03/21/2018 ​Rebecca Boxer, MD & Emmy Betz, MD ​Physicians and Firearms: Where do we go from here? Click here
​03/14/2018 ​Emily Gottenborg, MD ​From Healthcare to Health: Parental Leave in the United States Click here
​02/28/2018 ​Richard Johnson, MD ​Description: Camels, Whales, and Evolution: Clues to the Cause of Obesity and Diabetes Click here
​02/21/2018 ​Friedhelm Hildebrandt, MD ​Precision nephrology in children and young adults Click here
​02/14/2018 ​Taylor Thompson, MD ​Clinical Trial Enrichment Strategies For Precision Medicine In The ICU Click here
​02/07/2018 ​Mary Bessesen, MD ​Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infection: Invasion by the enemy within Click here
​01/31/2018 ​Laura Sessums, JD, MD ​Testing the Promise of Primary Care: Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Click here
​01/17/2018 ​Lisa Guay Woodford, MD ​Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease: New insights reveal provocative complexities Click here
​01/10/2018 ​Brandon McMahon, MD ​BCR-ABL Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Presentation, Outcomes, and Management Click here
​01/03/2018 ​Charles L. Daley, MD ​Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections: What's in a Name? Click here​
​12/20/2017 ​Dan Matlock, MD ​Shared Decision Making from T1-T4 Click here
​12/6/2017 ​Micol Rothman, MD ​Fractured Care: Challenges in the Management of Osteoporosis Click here
​11/29/2017 ​Irina Petrache, MD ​Repair Approaches in Pulmonary Emphysema Click here
​11/15/2017 ​Steven G. Deeks, MD ​An HIV Cure: Why it is Needed and How it Might be Achieved Click here​
​11/08/2017 ​Duy Nguyen, MD ​Evolving Management for Atrial Fibrilation Click here​
​11/01/201​7 ​Stacy Fischer, MD ​Expanding the Reach of Palliative Care through Innovative Interventions ​Click here
​10/25/2017 ​Lars Klareskog, MD, PhD ​New aspects of the pathogenesis of RA and prospects for prevention Click here
​10/18/2017 ​Ali Musani, MD ​Interventional Pulmonology, A Paradigm Shift in Chest Medicine Click here​
​10/11/2017 ​Steve Edmundowicz, MD; Sachin Wani, MD ​Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy in 2017 - Where we are and where we need to go & Updated guidelines in Barrett's Esophagus - Should we care about quality? Click here​
​09/27/2017 ​Mark Earnest, MD, PhD ​The Possible Futures of American Health Reform Click here​
​09/20/2017 ​Molly Carnes, MD, MS ​Why are Jack and Greg More Likely to Become Department Chair than Jill or Jamal? Click here​
​09/13/2017 ​Lisa Simpson, MB, BCh, MPH, FAAP ​Achieving the Quadruple Aim: Research and Policy Directions Click here​
​09/06/2017 ​Matt Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP ​ Medical Aid in Dying ​ Click here
​08/23/2017 ​Robert K. Ryu, MD, FSIR  ​Optimizing IVC filters utilization: are all filters created equally?  Click here​
​05/31/2017 ​Kristen Demoruelle, MD ​Sex Differences in the Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis Click here
​05/24/2017 ​Jeffrey Wallace, MD, MPH ​Clinical Pearls from the Geriatric Trenches Click here
​05/17/2017 ​Peter Buttrick, MD ​Eisenhower's MI and the Transformation of Cardiology Click here
​5/10/2017 ​Curt Freed, MD ​Stem Cell Therapies for Diabetes, Liver, Eye, Joint, and Brain Disease Click here
​05/03/2017 ​Sunita Sharma, MD ​Asthma Update 2017: From the Developmental Origin to the Development of Novel Therapeutics Click here
​04/26/2017 ​Karol E. Watson, MD, PhD ​Heart Disease in Women:  New insights into the differences
Click here
​04/12/2017 ​Euan A. Ashley, MD, DPhil ​Towards Precision Medicine Click here
​04/05/2017 ​Naftali Kaminski, MD ​Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis – How RNA Profiling Led to Validated Biomarkers and Novel Therapies Click here
​03/29/2017 ​Robert M. Wachter, MD ​The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age Click here
​03/22/2017 ​Victor Villalobos MD, PhD ​Targeting Sarcomas: The Advancement of Molecularly Driven Therapies Click here
​03/15/2017 ​Sharon Anderson, MD ​Shall We Dialyze Grandma? Dilemmas in the Management of Kidney Disease in the Older Patient Click here
​03/08/2017 ​Marisha Burden, MD ​Understanding the Patient’s Perspective:  Key Concepts and Trends in Patient Experience Click here​
​02/15/2017 ​BJ Miller, MD ​Not Whether, but How - The Civics of Dying Well Click here​
​02/08/2017 ​Kurt Kroenke, MD, MACP ​Management of Depression and Anxiety in Medical Patients​ Click here​
​02/01/2017 ​Cecile Rose, MD, MPH ​Lung Disease from Post-9/11 Military Deployment Click here​
​01/25/2017 ​Judith Blaine, MD, PhD ​Proteinuria: Pathophysiology, Treatment and New Approaches Click here​
​01/11/2017 ​Robert Burke, MD ​The Misadventures of the Recently Discharged Older Adult Click here​
​01/04/2017 ​Robert H. Eckel, MD ​Lipoprotein (a): The Evolving Story of a Major ASCVD Risk Factor Amenable to Treatment ​Click here​
​12/14/2016 ​David Raben, MD ​The Field of Radiation Oncology: Like a Rolling Stone – but with a Direction Home! Click here​
​12/07/2016 ​Andrew Olson, MD ​Making the Diagnostic Process Safer Click here​
​11/30/2016 ​Christine Lin, MD​ ​Emerging Mechanisms of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Click here​
​11/16/2016 ​Laura Hurley, MD ​Vaccination Matters - Give Adults a Shot Click here​
​11/09/2016 ​Gregory Schwartz, MD, PhD ​Emerging Strategies for Treatment of Dyslipidemia Click here​​
​11/02/2016 ​Joseph M. Vinetz, MD ​Genomic Approaches to Infectious Disease Diagnostics: A Case Study ​Click here​
​10/19/2016 ​Jens Marc Titze, MD ​New Twists into the Cause of Primary Hypertension​ ​Click here​
​10/12/2016 ​Margaret E. Wierman, MD ​Menopausal Hormone Therapy - the Pendulum Swings Back and Forth ​Click here​
​10/05/2016 ​J. David Beckham, MD ​Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Impact of RNA Virus Evolution and Host Responses Click here​
​09/28/2016 ​Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD, MBE ​Changing Choice Architecture to Improve Care for Seriously Ill Patients Click here​
​09/14/2016 ​Robert M. Grant, MD, MPH ​HIV Prevention Click here​
​09/07/2016 ​Jayaraj Rajagopal, MD ​Cellular Plasticity and Regeneration ​Click here​
​08/31/2016 ​Clay Smith, MD ​New, Molecularly Defined Therapies for AML, Myeloma and Other Blood Cancers Click here​
​05/18/2016 ​Stephen C. Dreskin, MD, PhD ​What’s New and Cool in Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology? Click here​
​05/11/2016 ​Rita F. Redberg, MD, MSc ​How Less Health Care Can Sometimes Be Better For You: Examples from Internal Medicine Click here​
​05/04/2016 ​Kathleen C. Barnes, PhD The Value of Whole Genome Sequencing in Identifying Genetic Determinants of Asthma in Populations of African Ancestry​ Click here​
​04/27/2016 ​Suzanne Brandenburg, MD ​The Future of Medical Education: Capitalizing upon the Promise of a New Generation​ Click here​
​04/20/2016 ​Hugo R. Rosen, MD ​Acute Liver Failure Click here​
​04/13/2016 ​Robert A. Harrington, MD ​Clinical Research in an Era of Big Data, Digital Health and Precision Medicine Click here​
​04/06/2016 ​Dean Sheppard, MD Integrins and Lung Disease - How Basic Science Discovery Can Lead to New Approaches to Therapy​ Click here​
​03/30/2016 ​Timothy S. Blackwell, MD ​Mechanisms of Pulmonary Fibrosis: Lessons from Familial Interstitial Pneumonia Click here​
​03/16/2016 ​R. William Vandivier, MD, FCCP ​Acute Exacerbations of COPD ​​Click here​
​03/09/2016 ​Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD ​Network Medicine: Redefining Disease in an Era of Precision Medicine Click here​
​03/02/2016 ​Arleen Brown, MD, PhD ​Population Health Approaches to Reduce Health Disparities Click here​
​02/24/2016 ​Carmen Lewis, MD, MPH ​Appropriate Colorectal Cancer Screening in the Elderly ​Click here
​02/17/2016 ​Myles S. Wolf, MD, MMSc ​Food, Phosphate, FGF23 & Cardiovascular Disease Disparities Click here​
​02/10/2016 ​Avash Kalra, MD ​Medicine and the Media ​Click here
​02/03/2016 ​Jonathan M. Samet , MD, MS ​The Never-Ending Story of Tobacco and Health  Click here​
​01/20/2016 ​Jason Kolfenbach, MD ​NCA-associated Vasculitis: Applying Recent Advances to Real World Cases  Click here​
​01/13/2016 ​Arlene Chapman, MD ​Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease - The Big Cyster Click here​
​01/06/2016 ​Kathryn L. Hassell, MD ​Sickle Cell Disease: Beyond The Red Blood Cell ​Click here​
​12/16/2015 ​James Maloney, MD ​Genetic Risk for Venous Thromboembolism Click here​
​12/02/2015 ​Jeffrey G. Wiese, MD, FACP ​It's Not What You Think...It's How You Think ​Click here
​11/18/2015 ​Professor James Hakim and Thomas Campbell, MD ​The Design, Implementation and Outcomes of a Comprehensive Plan to Improve Medical Education in Zimbabwe ​Click here​
​11/11/2015 ​Diana I. Jalal, MD ​Hyperuricemia in CKD - When and How to Treat Click here​
​11/4/2015 ​Paul Emery, MD, FRCP ​Pathogenesis and Treatment of Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Click here​
​10/28/2015 ​Sachin Wani, MD ​Advances in Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Management of Barrett's Esophagus Click here​
​10/14/2015 ​Robert A. Winn, MD ​A New Model of Cancer Care in the 21st Century: From Bench to Community Click here​
​09/30/2015 ​John Messenger, MD ​Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: An Update on a Disruptive Technology Click here​
​09/23/2015 ​Samir Sinha, MD, Dphil ​Rethinking Traditional Models of Acute Care for Older Adults Click here​
​09/16/2015 ​Clarence Braddock III, MD, MPH ​The Future of Medicine Education: New Paradigms, New Directions ​Click here​
​09/09/2015 ​Neda Rasouli, MD ​Cardiovascular Outcome Studies for New Anti-diabetes Drugs: Opportunities and Challenges Click here​
​09/02/2015 ​Heidi Wald, MD, MPH ​Medicare's Hospital-Acquired Conditions: Translating Evidence into Practice Click here​
​08/26/2015 ​Paula Cannon, PhD ​Could Gene and Cell Therapies Cure HIV? Click here​
​06/03/2015 ​Clay Smith, MD and Amrut Ambardekar, MD ​A Congo Red Conundrum: Cardiac Amyloidosis in 2015 ​Click here​
​05/27/2015 ​Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, MD, FACP ​Precision Medicine For All! ​Click here​
​05/13/2015 ​James R. Burton Jr., MD ​Indications For and Advances in Liver Transplantation Click here​
​04/29/2015 ​Todd M. Bull, MD ​Management of Pulmonary Embolism - WWWCND? Click here​
​04/22/2015 ​Monica Kraft, MD ​Asthma 2015: Beyond The Guidelines ​Click here​
​04/08/2015 ​John P. Atkinson, MD ​a 40-year Perspective by a Lupologist Click here​
​04/01/2015 ​Lance S. Terada, MD ​Lamarck and the epigenetics of disease Click here​
​03/18/2015 ​Bryan Brimhall, MD and Julia Clemons, MD ​Medical Marijuana: High Time to Prescribe Click here​
​03/11/2015 ​David L. Cohn, MD and Grace E. Marx, MD, MPH ​Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone: Down but not Out, Report from the Field Click here​
​03/04/2015 ​Katherine R. Tuttle, MD, FASN, FACP ​Diabetes and Kidney Disease: A Perfect Storm ​Click here​
​02/25/2015 ​Michelle Barron, MD ​Bugs and Bombs: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism Threats ​Click here​
​02/18/2015 ​Stephen A. Harrison, MD, COL, MC ​Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis - Update for 2015 Click here​
​02/11/2015 ​Elsbeth Jensen-Otsu, MD and Allison Nitsch, MD ​Social Media: The New Millenniums' Elevator Click here​
​01/28/2015 V. Michael Holders, MD ​Moving the Bar From Treatment to Prevention of Autoimmune Diseases: The Case for Rheumatoid Arthritis Click here​
​01/14/2015 ​Joseph Douglas Johnson, MD ​Opening the DAWN Student-run Free Clinic: Empowering Interprofessional Primary Care Training Through Community - Campus Partnership ​Click here​
​01/07/2015 Holly Wyatt, MD ​Obesity Treatment in 2015: Beginning with the End in Mind ​Click here​
​12/3/2014 ​Virginia F. Borges, MD ​Translational Medicine for Young Women's Breast Cancer ​Click here​
​11/19/2014 ​Eric Schmidt, MD ​From Ancient Egypt to ARISE: Medicine's attempts to manage sepsis Click here​
​11/12/2014 ​D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD ​ALK and the Big Bang Theory of Lung Cancer Clinical Research Click here​
​11/05/2014 ​William R. Hiatt, MD ​FDA Issues on Assessing Safety and Efficacy of New Drugs from a Regulatory Perspective Click here​
​10/29/2014 ​Michelle Barron, MD and Eric Poeschla, MD ​Ebola Virus: Preparing for a Substantial New Challenge ​Click here​
​10/22/2014 ​Mel L. Anderson, MD, FACP ​Update in Hospital Medicine: Turning Evidence Into Practice Click here​
​10/15/2014 ​Jessica Kendrick, MD, MPH ​Racial and Gender Disparities in Kidney Disease Click here​
​10/01/2014 ​Margaret E. Wierman, MD ​Testosterone and Cardiovascular Risk: Putting the Recent Epidemiologic Studies in Perspective Click here​
​09/17/2014 ​Steven C. Johnson, MD ​HIV Infection: Morbidity, Mortality, and Treatment in the Current Era Click here
​09/10/2014 ​Larry Allen, MD, MHS ​Decision Making in Advanced Heart Failure: To DT or Not to DT, That is the Question Click here
​09/03/2014 ​Cari Levy, MD, PhD ​Nursing Home 101: What every clinician needs to know in an era of health care reform Click here
​08/27/2014 ​Rebecca Boxer, MD, MS The Geriatric Patient with Heart Failure: Challenges and Solutions in HF Management Click here
​05/21/2014 ​Matthew Griffith, MD ​Don't Panic: You Already Think Like a QI Expert! Click here
​03/19/2014 ​Surendra Shastri, MD ​Cancer Screening in the low Resource Setting Click here
​03/12/2014 ​Joseph Burke, MD ​Stress Cardiomyopathy: How to Manage a Broken Heart Click here
​03/05/2014 ​Davey Williams, MD ​The 5 Commandments of Spiritual Care Click here
​02/26/2014 ​David Bates, MD Using HIT to Improve Quality and Safety Click here
​02/19/2014 ​Richard Zane, MD ​Leadership in Crisis Click here
​02/12/2014 ​Ray Foley, MD ​Pursuing Value in Healthcare: Opportunities for Success in Heart Failure Click here
​01/15/2014 ​Mim Ari, MD ​User Friendly: Addiction Treatment in the Outpatient Setting Click here
​01/08/2014 ​Stephen Malkowski, MD, PhD ​Lung Cancer Screening: Challenges and Opportunities Click here
12/04/2013 ​Ryan Webb, MD ​Lifelong Learning as a Challenge of Memory Click here