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Grand Rounds Archive

​Date ​Presenter ​Description ​Video Link
​03/18/2015 ​Bryan Brimhall, MD and Julia Clemons, MD ​Medical Marijuana: High Time to Prescribe Click here​
​03/11/2015 ​David L. Cohn, MD and Grace E. Marx, MD, MPH ​Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone: Down but not Out, Report from the Field Click here​
​03/04/2015 ​Katherine R. Tuttle, MD, FASN, FACP ​Diabetes and Kidney Disease: A Perfect Storm ​Click here​
​02/25/2015 ​Michelle Barron, MD ​Bugs and Bombs: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism Threats ​Click here​
​02/18/2015 ​Stephen A. Harrison, MD, COL, MC ​Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis - Update for 2015 Click here​
​02/11/2015 ​Elsbeth Jensen-Otsu, MD and Allison Nitsch, MD ​Social Media: The New Millenniums' Elevator Click here​
​01/28/2015 V. Michael Holders, MD ​Moving the Bar From Treatment to Prevention of Autoimmune Diseases: The Case for Rheumatoid Arthritis Click here​
​01/14/2015 ​Joseph Douglas Johnson, MD ​Opening the DAWN Student-run Free Clinic: Empowering Interprofessional Primary Care Training Through Community - Campus Partnership ​Click here​
​01/07/2015 Holly Wyatt, MD ​Obesity Treatment in 2015: Beginning with the End in Mind ​Click here​
​12/3/2014 ​Virginia F. Borges, MD ​Translational Medicine for Young Women's Breast Cancer ​Click here​
​11/19/2014 ​Eric Schmidt, MD ​From Ancient Egypt to ARISE: Medicine's attempts to manage sepsis Click here​
​11/12/2014 ​D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD ​ALK and the Big Bang Theory of Lung Cancer Clinical Research Click here​
​11/05/2014 ​William R. Hiatt, MD ​FDA Issues on Assessing Safety and Efficacy of New Drugs from a Regulatory Perspective Click here​
​10/29/2014 ​Michelle Barron, MD and Eric Poeschla, MD ​Ebola Virus: Preparing for a Substantial New Challenge ​Click here​
​10/22/2014 ​Mel L. Anderson, MD, FACP ​Update in Hospital Medicine: Turning Evidence Into Practice Click here​
​10/15/2014 ​Jessica Kendrick, MD, MPH ​Racial and Gender Disparities in Kidney Disease Click here​
​10/01/2014 ​Margaret E. Wierman, MD ​Testosterone and Cardiovascular Risk: Putting the Recent Epidemiologic Studies in Perspective Click here​
​09/17/2014 ​Steven C. Johnson, MD ​HIV Infection: Morbidity, Mortality, and Treatment in the Current Era Click here
​09/10/2014 ​Larry Allen, MD, MHS ​Decision Making in Advanced Heart Failure: To DT or Not to DT, That is the Question Click here
​09/03/2014 ​Cari Levy, MD, PhD ​Nursing Home 101: What every clinician needs to know in an era of health care reform Click here
​08/27/2014 ​Rebecca Boxer, MD, MS The Geriatric Patient with Heart Failure: Challenges and Solutions in HF Management Click here
​05/21/2014 ​Matthew Griffith, MD ​Don't Panic: You Already Think Like a QI Expert! Click here
​03/19/2014 ​Surendra Shastri, MD ​Cancer Screening in the low Resource Setting Click here
​03/12/2014 ​Joseph Burke, MD ​Stress Cardiomyopathy: How to Manage a Broken Heart Click here
​03/05/2014 ​Davey Williams, MD ​The 5 Commandments of Spiritual Care Click here
​02/26/2014 ​David Bates, MD Using HIT to Improve Quality and Safety Click here
​02/19/2014 ​Richard Zane, MD ​Leadership in Crisis Click here
​02/12/2014 ​Ray Foley, MD ​Pursuing Value in Healthcare: Opportunities for Success in Heart Failure Click here
​01/15/2014 ​Mim Ari, MD ​User Friendly: Addiction Treatment in the Outpatient Setting Click here
​01/08/2014 ​Stephen Malkowski, MD, PhD ​Lung Cancer Screening: Challenges and Opportunities Click here
12/04/2013 ​Ryan Webb, MD ​Lifelong Learning as a Challenge of Memory Click here