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Jimeno Research Lab

Head & Neck Cancer


Dr. Jimeno's lab is focused on new drug and biomarker development in Head and Neck cancers. Our aim is to bridge the lab and the clinic by 1) developing direct patient xenograft models of head and neck and other cancers to generate better cancer models and as a platform to study cancer stem cells, 2) conducting preclinical tests of targeted agents against de-regulated pathways and cancer stem cells, and 3) devising ways to integrate that knowledge into clinical trials to individualize anti-cancer therapy.

Recent Publications

Morton JJ, Bird B, Keysar SB, Astling DP, Anderson RT, Glogowska MJ, Estes P, Eagles-Soukup J, Le PN, Fernandez P, Mcfadden SM, Pittman MA, Padilla-Just N, Varella-Garcia M, Song JI, Bowles DW, Roop DR, Wang XJ, Tan AC, Refaeli Y, Jimeno A. XactMice: humanizing mouse bone marrow enables human stroma homing in a patient-derived model of head and neck cancer. Oncogene. 2016 Jan 01. PMID: 25893296.

Keysar SB, Le PN, Miller B, Kim H, Eagles JR, Nieto C, Glogowska M, Morton JJ, Jackson BC, Anderson RT, Padilla-Just N, Reisinger J, Arcaroli JJ, Messersmith WA, Wakefiled L, Gao D, Tan AC, Serracino H, Vasiliou V, Roop DR, Wang XJ, Jimeno A. Regulation of head and neck squamous cancer stem cells by PI3K and SOX2. J Natl Cancer Institute, 2017 Jan 1;109(1). PMID: 27634934.

Morton JJ, Bird G, Refaeli Y, Jimeno A. Humanized Mouse Xenograft Models: Narrowing the Tumor-Microenvironment Gap. Cancer Res. 2016 Nov 1;76(21):6153-6158. PMID: 27587540.

Gan GN, Altunbas C, Morton JJ, Eagles-Soukup J, Backus J, Dzingle W, Raben D, Jimeno A. Radiation Dose Uncertainty and Correction for a Mouse Orthotopic and Xenograft Irradiation Model. Int J Radiat Biol. 2015 Dec 21:1-7. PMID: 26689828.

Active Grants

• NIH R01CA149456
• NIH R21DE019712
• Department of Defense CA093422
• NIH R21CA156114