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Medical Oncology Newsroom

World Cancer Day Q and A with Thomas Flaig

Oncologist says interest is growing on global cancer topics, but much work remains

Fred Hirsch, MD, PhD Farewell

It is with gratitude for his years of service that we say farewell to Dr. Hirsch.

Managing irAEs into Post-Treatment Survivorship

How are you educating your patients on long-term irAEs?

Congratulations Dr. Tom Purcell!

Join us in celebrating the inaugural recipient of the Saffer Endowed Chair!

Congratulations to Dr. Regina Brown

Congratulations to Dr. Regina Brown for receiving the Ray of Hope Award for her impact on our cancer communities!

Dr. Wells Messersmith, prestigious award recipient

"Dr. Messersmith has worked to build a comprehensive clinical cancer research program with the objective...

Defining standards of cancer care in Africa

“It was a great trip, a great group, and great to be part of the process.”

Innovative Cancer Immunology Researcher Joins CU Cancer Center

"His scientific expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and gifted mentoring capabilities make Davila a great addition to the CU Cancer Center."​​

Colorectal cancer survivors raise research money

"The money raised will help us learn more about colorectal cancer."

Research mentorship through minority program

“We are always ready to welcome new students with a passion for cancer research."

Promising breast cancer clinical trial results

"One of the best things about this drug is that it combines well with nearly everything, it's really a doctor's dream"

Offering hope to women with cancer

“We started this program a couple years ago to give women affected by breast and gynecologic cancers more treatment choices when they think there are no other options”

Dr. Doebele discusses Cuban lung cancer vaccine

“My biggest concern is safety because of the lack of oversight and regulation"

Not all breast cancer patients need chemo

A new study shows that women with early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy.

Dr. Camidge discusses updated phase 1 lung cancer results.

The study comes in the context of continuing work to target MET amplification in cancer.

Lulu’s grand opening benefits colon cancer research

Co-owner Christy Brant’s son Nick Brant is a colon cancer survivor and is under the care of Lieu.

Buddy Check9 Cancer research and clinical trials

Drs. Chris Lieu and Jennifer Diamond discuss the importance of clinical trials in identifying new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. ​

Farewell Reception for Liz Seelenfreund!

Thank you for your 13 years of service in the Division of Medical Oncology.

Congratulations to Traci Lyons!

On being awarded the Department of Medicine Rising Star Award!

Thyroid cancer genetics study suggests immunotherapy

There are many drugs targeting many genetic changes that are approved for other cancers, which we would not usually think to use in thyroid cancer.

Reflections on Teaching Cancer in Africa

Wells really brought his “A” game and provided clear, concise reviews and suggestions on case management.

Congratulations to Lyndsey Crump!

On winning the top poster award at the national TL1 Conference in Washington, DC.

Congratulations Prashant Sharma!

On being accepted into the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantaion (ASBMT).

Congratulations to Dr. Genevieve Moyer!

She recieved the 2018 HTRS/Novo Nordisk Clinical Fellowship Award in Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders.

Congratulations Dr. Jimeno!

​Congratulations to Dr. Jimeno on being selected to join the Developmental Therapeutics Study Section!

Congratulations to Lyndsey Crump & Alan Elder!

On being awarded the “Outstanding Research abstract Award” and the “Research Abstract Merit Award” in this year's DOM Research Day Abstract Competition.

Congratulations to Fashad Chowdhury, MD

Congratulations to Fashad Chowdhury, MD on receiving two seperate awards.

Congratulations to Anastasios Dimou, MD

On being awarded The AACR-Conquer Cancer Foundation for the ASCO Young Investigator Award for Translational Cancer Research

Brianna Hoffner wins the Nightingale Luminary Award!

Congratulations to Brianna Hoffner on winning the Nightingale Luminary Award!

Congratulations to Mali and Johanna!

Both accepted to attend the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) APRN course in Pasadena, CA in April!

UCCC hosts area high school students

John Tentler, PhD, CU Cancer Center’s associate director for education talks to students about cancer biology

From genes and cells to saving lives

NEJM reports positive results for larotrectinib against TRK-fusion cancers

Jimeno Lab - Department of Defense Expansion Award

​Congratulations to Antonio Jimeno, his lab and other collaborative partners on receiving the Department of Defense Expansion Award!

Advanced cancer patients may be less competent in decision making than doctors think

Patients with terminal cancer face difficult decisions. What treatment options support their goals? When is it reasonable to discontinue care?

Congratulations to Emily Cox-Martin & Ross Camidge!

Congatulations to Emily Cox-Martin and D. Ross Camidge!

Catherine Klein Passes the Torch of Fellowship Director

Daniel Bowles, MD will now be taking on the role of Program Director.

Blood test in development may detect 8 types of cancers

Dr. Leal discusses the importance of a new blood test used to detect 8 different types of cancers.

James Dugan MD Chief Fellow 2018-2019

​Congratulations to Dr. James Dugan on becoming Chief Fellow for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Clinical trial takes on treatment resistant breast cancer

However, when all three receptors are present – this “triple-positive” breast cancer – blocking any single receptor is not enough.

Cuban lung cancer vaccine: Illegal for U.S. patients

“I am not looking to break the law. But I am not looking to die, either,” Keays declared.

Ascentage Pharma: Formation of Clinical Advisory Board

Throughout his career, Dr. Bunn has been President of ASCO, IASLC, and AACI, chairman of the FDA Oncology Drug Advisory Committee, and Executive Director of the IASLC.

Serendipity in Science-Winter 2017

Chris Lieu, Stephen Leong and Traci Lyons discuss their journeys that led them to their careeers.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Funds Summer Student Fellowship

Monica Brown and Madison Weber spent their summer doing cancer research.

Funding Talent For the Future

A plumber, a patient and her doctor help keep research strong in Colorado.

New trail guidelines: patients with brain metastases

Clinical trials of new anti-cancer therapies have often excluded patients whose disease has spread to the brain or central nervous system (CNS).

ROS1 Testing Is Increasingly Important In Lung Cancer

“ROS1 we've known about for a long time: It's about 2 percent of lung cancer. It works very well when you give crizotinib (Xalkori),” said D. Ross Camidge, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert C. Doebele, MD, PhD, named director of CU Cancer Center Thoracic Oncology Research Initiative

“We are delighted to have a scientist of Bob’s caliber leading our program."

Farewell Reception for Anne Leyba

Farewell to Anne Leyba. We are so grateful for your many years of service with the University of Colorado.

Progression-Free Survival Aids Chance for Patients

Patients received a median of two prior HER2-based regimens and the median duration of the last prior treatment in this subgroup was 9.03 months.

Finding out if you have the 'cancer gene'

A company called Color is helping people learn more about their genes. Specifically, gene mutations that can indicate a higher risk for cancer.

‘Divine Itch’ Helps Grandpa Detect Breast Cancer

“I think it saved my life,” he said. “I would agree with that,” said Dr. Jose Mayordomo, Phil’s oncologist at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Antonio Jimeno and Bob Doebele accepted into ASCI

This is a very incredible honor as only three of nine hundred faculty members were accepted.

Dan Bowles MD, New Fellowship Program Director

Please join us in congratulating Daniel Bowles, MD and Brandon McMahon, MD on their new roles within the Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program.

In Treatment For The Rest Of His Life

It started with his diagnosis of colorectal cancer in July of 2014. Things did not look good his oncologist told him. “I was diagnosed very, very, late.”

APPs Represent Medical Oncology at JADPRO Live '17

The University of Colorado's Division of Medical Oncology was strongly represented by our talented and deticated APPs at this year's JADPRO Live at APSHO in Houson.

Alisertib w/ TAK-228 excels against solid tumors

When the group used TAK-228 to block mTOR signaling, instead of becoming senescent, triple-negative breast cancer cells died.

Dr. Doebele Discusses Brain Metastases in ROS1+ NSCLC

Entrectinib may allow for better upfront control of existing brain metastases, and may prevent the development of brain metastases in the future.​

Lung cancer driver ALK-fusion found in melanoma

The study finds a genetic change called ALK-fusion in a patient sample of a melanoma subtype called mucosal melanoma.

Does breastfeeding really decrease my cancer risk

Nursing has been linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer in both pre- and post-menopausal women.

IASLC Conference Will Highlight PACIFIC Trial QoL Data on Durvalumab

“We will have a lot of discussion and new data on immunotherapy from several studies, but because we are moving immunotherapy to earlier-stage treatment, that will certainly be discussed.”

Orangetheory Goes Pink To Prevent Breast Cancer

Studies show regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Orangetheory Fitness & UCH are teaming to help people fight the disease.

Marileila's Farewell Reception

We wish the best for Leila in her future projects and will miss her very much as she has been an incredible asset to this Division.

Farewell to Barbara Helfrich

We would like to thank Barbara Helfrich on her 25 years of service with the University and congratulate her on her recent retirement. She will be missed.

Practice-changing phase III data causes excitement

​Late-Breaking Abstract presentations of phase III trial data give exciting new insights into the future of treatment.

Insights From the ESMO 2017 Congress Lung Cancer

Does any research presented at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 Congress inform clinicians how and when to administer PD-1 or PD-L1 therapies?

Jimeno Lab Secures 3rd R01

Congratulations to Antonio Jimeno and his lab!

Markers warn when lung cancer patients progress...

In recent years, dramatic anti-cancer responses have become possible for some patients with advanced NSCLC with targeted therapies used against specific mutations.

Rockies Go To Bat For College Coach With Rare Cancer

A college baseball coach, battling a rare form of liver cancer, got some encouragement Tuesday from the pros.

New approach to genetic testing matches...

Adding to the challenge is that identifying a MET fusion gene requires not only testing for MET, but testing in a very specific way.

Sharks with frickin' lasers Gold nanoparticles fry cancer on glowing mice

In this case, researchers used nifty chemistry to attach gold nanoparticles to antibodies (because, gold nanoparticles).

Traci Lyons, PhD, earns R01 and ACS RSG grants

“We’ve done it. We’ve finally done it. We’ve finally shown this is important,” Lyons says.

New Law Represents Breakthrough For Child Cancer Sufferers

Carver, a 2-year-old Coloradan battling cancer, is currently in remission thanks to an experimental drug.

Stan Havlick's 'Cure' aims for cancer cure

Making a difference is what Robinson and Havlick are all about, according to race director Johannes Schmidt, a volunteer like all those in the race organization.

Does stronger initial response to cancer treatment ...

In short, the answer is yes – a deeper initial response leads to a longer overall response.

Endowed Chair in Esophageal Cancer Established

The endowed chair in esophageal cancer was made possible by the Rady’s gift of $3.15 million.

Study may explain failure of retinoic acid trials against breast cancer

These cells, which have characteristics of stem cells, often survive treatment to drive or even restart cancer growth.

Lieu leads committee of investigator-initiated clinical trials

Lieu will lead CU Cancer Center’s efforts in further developing an Investigator-Initiated Trials Committee.

Lyons Lab Obtains R01

Congratulations to Dr. Lyons and her team!

Help and hope, Could cannabis possibly help fight cancer

“It was like night and day,” Kofel said. “He said, ‘Yes, you have metastatic cancer, but it’s a very solvable, meaning controllable, issue. … It’s very treatable.’ ”

Tom Flaig MD, new chair of NCCN bladder cancer panel

It is also the role of NCCN Guidelines panels to interpret the results of clinical trials through the lens of their own experience and expertise.

Neoadjuvant Pembrolizumab Promising in Head and Neck Cancer

"There are factors that favor preoperative immune modulations, such as the potential for downstaging and de-intensification of radiation therapy and chemoradiation therapy," Dr Jimeno said.

Drug Pair: Active in Melanoma & Head & Neck Cancer

"Epacadostat plus nivolumab was active in phase 2 melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck cohorts," said study coauthor Karl D. Lewis, M.D

Study of geriatric health: androgen deprivation therapy

Seventeen patients were enrolled in the study with a median age of 75 years and 14 with metastatic disease.

Dasatinib excels in phase II trial against pediatric CML

One of our long-term patients is in college now and is studying to go on to nursing school as a result of her experience,” Gore says.

Potential new standard of care in ALK-positive NSCLC

The primary endpoint of the study was progression free survival (PFS), the time that a patient can live with a cancer without it getting worse.

Doubling progression-free survival in mCRC

Overall survival was median 5.9 months for the two-drug combination and 9.6 months with the addition of vemurafenib.

Over 1-yr control of ALK-positive lung cancer

D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, has been instrumental in the development and testing of next-generation ALK-inhibitors against ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer.

Breakthrough study stops fat-eating prostate cancer cells

Patients with castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) usually have a poor prognosis. In part, this is due to the cancer's ability to resist anti-androgen therapy.

Five questions for Jennifer Hintzsche

Although she researched bacteria and plant genomics, she wanted to get back into the cancer field after earning her doctorate.

Celebrating 25 yrs of service at CU

Barb Helfrich and Isabel Schlaepfer: honorees of celebrating 25 years of service in CU medicine.

Fred Hirsch, MD, PhD, Hope-Builder Award recipient

Dr. Hirsch has been instrumental in prioritizing and elevating mesothelioma research within IASLC and its membership.

New driver, target in advanced mucosal melanoma


More Colorado millennials having colorectal cancer

"I never thought it would be me with colon cancer at 25-years-old," said Brant. "They just thought it might be colitis or irritable bowel syndrome."

Technology at UCH saves hair during chemotherapy

The DigniCap was recently approved for use by the FDA. The cap connects to a machine that monitors the cap’s temperature.

Study suggests best treatment order in brain metastases

Six center: 351 patient study suggests best order of treatment for brain metastases in EGFR lung cancer

Grant improves access to cancer treatment trials in CO

"It is an umbrella grant that provides infrastructure, at least partial infrastructure, for supportive clinical trials," Dr. Anthony Elias said.

Strong is the new healthy

CU researchers explore how improving fitness and body camposition can impact life for cancer survivors.

No plans but life itself

Jerry Williams has no big plans for his future. And he likes it that way.

Cancer and the Microbiome

“Based on what we’re learning, the microbiome has astounding potential. We see opportunity and we just need to drive it ahead.”

One PD-L1 test to rule them all?

​Clinical trials have proven the power of immunotherapies targeting PD-L1 or PD-1 in a range of cancers