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Fred Hirsch, M.D., PhD- Presentations


April 18-21:

3rd European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC), Geneva, Switzerland:

"Delivery of pathology for personalised treatment of lung cancer: Immunohistochemistry"


August 11:
12th International lung Cancer Congress, Carlsbad, CA. USA:
Invited speaker: “Biomarkers for Personalized lung Cancer therapy.

March  29:
Washington DC: Oncology Seminar arranged by Medimmune, Gaithersburg, MD:
Invited Speaker: “IGFR in Lung Cancer  Therapy and Potential Predictive Markers”.

March 26:
Washington Cancer Institute, Washington Hospital Center DC: “Maintenance Therapy in Lung Cancer”  Educational Program (CME, IMER, Johns Hopkins University),   

March 22-23:
Tel Aviv, Israel: Israel Lung Cancer Society: Inaugural Annual Meeting:
Invited Key- Note Speaker: “ Development of Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer”.

March 18:
Roswell Park Cancer Center:
Grand Round Lecture:" Biomarker Development for Targeted Therapy in Lung Cancer".

March 7-8:
AZ: TUCSON- Symposium:
Invited Speaker and Chairman: “Personalized Medicine in lung Cancer". (Symposium arranged by Ventana-Roche).

March 4-5:
London, UK: EGFR Summit (Key-Opinion Leader Consensus Conference):
Invited Speaker: “Biomarkers for EGFR Therapy in NSCLC” (consensus planned to be published in Lancet).

February 24-26:
Santa Monica, CA, US IASLC: 11th IASLC Conference on Targeted Therapy in Lung Cancer.
Invited Speaker:” Predictive and Prognostic Biomarkers for IGF-1R directed Therapy in NSCLC.”

January 27-29:
Prague, Check Republic: 2. Prague Interdisciplinary Oncology Colloquium- Prague ONCO 2011 (Charles University, Prague):
Invited Key-Note Speaker: "Targeted Therapy in NSCLC-prognostic and predictive tools for bedside use?"

January 19:
Emory University, Atlanta, US:  Grand Round.
Invited lecture: "Development of Biomarkers for Personalized Lung Cancer therapy”   

January 14-16:
Japanese Lung Cancer Society 51. Annual Meeting, Hiroshima, JP
Invited Speaker: "Personalized Medicine in Lung Cancer".  





December 9-11: 
2010 ASCO/IASLC/ASTRO Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology, Chicago, IL. Invited speaker.

December 2-4:
4th Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Congress, Seoul, Korea. Invited speaker

November 19:
ASCO/NCI/EORTC Cancer Conference, Hollywood, FL. Biomarkers for EGFR and IGFR directed therapies. Invited Speaker.

November 9:
The 6th new York Lung Symposium. Molecular profiling in Lung Cancer: Existing and Emerging Molecular Cohorts (CME). Invited speaker

November 3:
51 Annual Meeting Japan Lung Cancer Society (invited speaker). Future development of biomarkers and personalized medicine in lung cancer (received 2010 Merit Award) Invited speaker

October 7-9:
Third Australian Lung Cancer Conference, Melbourne, Australia (invited speaker) 1. EGFR testing 2010; 2. Future research in biomarker development and clinical trials.

July 21:
Beijing, China/ Personalized Medicine in NSCLC – EGFR mutation testing. Invited Speaker

July 20:
Guangzhou, China. NSCLC Personalized medicine. Invited Speaker

July 18:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. NSCLC – personalized medicine. One World Hotel. Invited Speaker for oncologists, pathologists and pulmonologists. Invited speaker

July 16:
Singapore: National University Cancer Center. Personalized Medicine in Lung Cancer: A paradigm Shift. Invited Speaker

July 8:
Parlos Verdes, CA, US: 11th International Lung Cancer Congress: Personalized Medicine in NSCLC:
Single biomarker or Molecular Signatures? Invited Speaker

June 4:
Lung Cancer Partnership, Chicago: Personalized Medicine in NSCLC: Biomarkers. Invited Speaker

May 11:
Karolinska Insittute, Stockholm, Sweden. “ EGFR inhibition in NSCLC and how to select patients”. Invited Speaker

March 10:
Tucson Symposium: IGF-1R as a prognostic and potential predictive biomarker in NSCLC Invited Speaker

27 IASLC Molecular Targeted Therapy Meeting, Santa Monica:   “EGFRTKI & Chemotherapy”.  “The Role of EGFR inhibition in NSCLC.”  Invited Speaker.

February 19:
University of Indiana: Grand Rounds. Invited speaker

February 11:
MD Anderson Cancer Center Science Day:  “EGFR inhibitions in NSCLC.”  Invited Speaker

January 11-14:
AACR-IASLC Joint Conference:  Molecular Origins of Lung Cancer:  Prospects for Personalized Prevention and Therapy.  Loews Coronado Bay Resort Coronado, California.  “Gene Copy Number for EGFR and IGF-1R:  Clinical Implications.”   Invited Speaker.


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