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Murry Wynes, Ph.D.

Research Instructor and Lab Manager

Murray W. WynesMurry W. Wynes, Ph.D., is a research instructor in the Hirsch lab, in addition to the lab manager. He received his BS from the University of Wyoming in molecular biology and went on to the University of Colorado to receive a doctorate in microbiology and immunology.

For many years he had an curiosity in understanding the role of IGF1 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He joined the Hirsch lab in order to pursue a long-standing interest in lung cancer and to be directly involved in true translational research via correlative biomarker analysis in clinical trials.

 In the laboratory Dr. Wynes is involved in many projects directly linked to identification of prognostic markers, in addition to predictive markers for new targeted therapies, both of which are critical for improving outcomes and response rates.

On-going projects include biomarkers related to EGFR, IGF1R, MET and TS protein expression and gene copy number, along with ALK translocation and protein expression. Dr. Wynes is involved in validation of AQUA (HistoRx), a fluorescence-based automated IHC technology that objectively quantifies protein expression and Silver In Situ Hybridization (Ventana-ROCHE), a technology for quantifying gene copy number while maintaining the ability to co-examine the morphology of the tumor cells in bright field microscopy.

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