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Med-Peds Continuity Clinic

We are proud to say we have a thriving combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric Continuity Clinic at the Denver Health Southwest Federico Pena Clinic.  Now in our fourth year our residents have built an amazing new medical home for kids and adults who live in Denver. 

Denver Health is the perfect place to have a combined Med-Peds continuity clinic. The hospital is a nationally renowned model for a “safety net” hospital system with its unique integration of inpatient, urgent care, and outpatient facilities.  The Denver Health care system consists of a main hospital, which includes a level-one trauma center and eight outlying community clinics, and provides integrated primary and acute care to a quarter of the residents in Denver.

Each week residents are scheduled to see a diverse patient population of both kids and adults, with a wide spectrum of indigent to fully-insured patients. There are opportunities for residents to create patient panels specific to their interests. Jonathan Schultz, a former Peace Corps Volunteer, has a specific interest in refugee health and has recruited refugee families to our clinic.  Aaron Manning, Rebecca Kamins and Jeff Graham are fluent in Spanish so have created a panel of Spanish speaking kids and adults.  At Denver Health we are in a unique position to offer residents a continuity clinic experience that will expose them to a myriad of medical conditions as well as teach them about the different social determinants that affect a patient’s health.

We have also developed a unique and robust continuity clinic curriculum.  In 2015 we designed the Med-Peds Academic Half Day, a half day session dedicated to didactics and hands on experiences that focus on a variety of primary care topics and skills. Residents are given opportunities to teach and present to their colleagues. Within the clinic we also encourage scholarly work and this year residents designed a QI project related to screening for latent TB and plan to submit their work to local and national conferences. 

Our combined Med-Peds continuity clinic is an exceptional place for residents to train.  We are dedicated to giving each resident a unique clinic experience and always welcome resident feedback in shaping our program. 

We look forward to meeting you soon in Denver!

Anne Frank, MD
Continuity Clinic Director