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Clinic Update Information


We are thrilled to announce the new combined Med-Peds Continuity Clinic located at Denver Health Medical Center. This is a practice where both Drs. Venci and Frank currently deliver care to adults and children. It is located in the Webb Center for Primary Care.
With this piece of residency now in place, we look forward to working with you to create a nationally-recognized Med-Peds Residency Training Program. The Med-Peds program will build on the strengths of our two parent programs, to create individualized residency experiences that will allow you to pursue a career in academic medicine, sub-specialty fellowships, primary care of urban and rural underserved populations, or global heath.
We wish you well in your Match and we hope that you will strongly consider the University of Colorado Med-Peds program as you create your rank list.
All the best,
Dan Reirden, MD
Assistant Professor Medicine and Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Co-Program Director Med-Peds Residency Program
Joe Kay, MD
Associate Professor Medicine-Cardiology, Pediatrics-Cardiology
Co-Program Director Med-Peds Residency Program