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Myron Levin, MD



Phone: (303) 724-2451
Address: 401 Bldg. 401 - Mail Stop C227
1784 Racine Street
Aurora, CO 80045

Medical School
Harvard Medical School

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Harvard Medical School

Dr. Levin is studying the immune response to herpes virus infections and methods of treating and preventing such infections, including antiviral therapy and active immunization. He does basic research on the nature of latency of herpes viruses in human neurons. A vaccine to prevent shingles in elderly individuals has been developed and licensed through his clinical research, and further investigations of this vaccine are in progress. He has published a total of over three hundred journal articles, abstracts, book chapters, reviews, and symposia. Dr. Levin has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career. Recently, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Varicella-Zoster Research Foundation and appointed Editor of the Journal of Clinical Virology. He continues to serve on many national committees and advisory boards and to provide lectures and presentations on the local, national, and international circuits.