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Hematology Faculty

 Results From Hematology : Selected site
Tyler W. Buckner, MD, MSc

General Hematology

Dr. Buckner provides care to children and adults with bleeding and clotting disorders.  His research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatment strategies for bleeding and thrombosis, and he is involved in multiple clinical trials of new treatments for patients with these disorders.

​General Hematology Secondary - Pediatrics

Dr. Di Paola is a physician-scientist who cares for children with blood diseases and supervises a laboratory research program focused on vascular biology and the genetics of blood disorders.

​General Hematology

Dr. Hassell is interested in the pathogenesis of sickle cell crisis and the recognition of new clinical entities in the fields of coagulation and endothelial cell function.

Brandon McMahon

​General Hematology and Blood Cancer & BMT

Dr. McMahon is an adult hematologist, whose expertise is in thrombotic disorders and myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). His research interests are in mechanisms of aberrant coagulation in specific disease states, including cancers/MPN. 

​General Hematology

Dr. Stabler has worked with Dr. Allen in establishing new methods for the diagnosis of vitamin B12 and folate deficiency, and has contributed to the growing awareness of the importance of homocysteine as an independent risk factor for vascular disease.