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Christophe Langouët-Astrie, BS

Student Assistant

In the Sherbenou lab, I am interested in utilizing the power of statistical and bioinformatics approaches that complement molecular biology lab techniques to understand what determines myeloma and lymphoma patient sensitivities to commonly used and investigational agents. In doing so, my goal is to help develop new drugs for these deadly diseases, and new biomarkers that may guide therapy decisions. Techniques include large data set bioinformatics, principle component analysis, CRISPR gene editing, patient sample analyses, flow cytometry, and programming.   

Prior to working at the University of Colorado, I completed my BS in Biotechnology and a minor in Statistics from James Madison University in May 2015. My research experience at James Madison included bacteriophage discovery, viral vector construction, and antibiotic discovery. After graduation, I worked as a Research Assistant focused on epigenetic gene regulation in the vertebrate retina in macular degeneration. Currently, I am a Masters candidate in the Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology program. 

During my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis in local leagues, biking, skiing, hiking, playing and writing music, and cooking.​​